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Item #: SCP-374

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-374 should be kept in a locked box of the appropriate size in storage when research is not being conducted. When research has concluded, it should be returned to storage. The keys should be kept in the custody of the commander of the site it is located on when the SCP is in storage; when the SCP is being researched, the keys may be given to the personnel charged with researching it. SCP-374 should be stored in an area off-limits to D-class personnel.

Description: SCP-374 appear to be a standard Toshiba remote control, compatible with all Toshiba models from 1988 onward. In addition to functioning as a normal remote when pointed at an electronic device capable of being operated by remote, it possess the ability to affect the personal space-time of any object (living or inorganic) it is pointed at.

Individuals under its control may be "paused," causing them to temporarily freeze in time, "rewound," causing them to age in reverse, or "fast forwarded," causing them to age rapidly. The volume of their voice can be raised or lowered when the appropriate button is pushed. The "mute" button will cause them to become completely silent.

Changing the channel causes what is hypothesized to be an alternate-reality version of that individual to appear. This "alternate self" can be observed but not interacted with. The "off" button causes the individual to disappear and the "on" button causes their reappearance. Regrettably, individuals who undergo this process return in the throes of psychosis. Exposure to SCP-948 cures the psychosis but also causes the complete erasure of any memory of what occurred between being turned "off" and "on." Cameras carried by personnel turned "off" and "on" record static and distorted shouts and whispers.

Research into the effects of the other buttons is ongoing.

Addendum: SCP-374 was found in █████████, ██████████████, in the custody of ██████ ████. The SCP was retrieved and transported after ██████ ████ attempted to sell it to Agent Thornsmith. ██████ ████ was given a Class A Amnesiac after it was determined that he possessed no knowledge as to the origins of the device.

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