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SCP-375 (Various elements removed for security purposes)

Item #: SCP-375

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-375 is to be kept under full surveillance by a security detail of no less than twelve (12) level 2 personnel disguised as bank employees and security guards. All personnel involved with SCP-375 are to wear SCP-148 “Telekill” alloy headpieces at all times, except for specific experimental purposes. While not inherently dangerous, all precautions are to be taken to avoid public discovery of SCP-375’s properties, or in the rare occasion, to protect SCP-375’s yield during an attempted robbery. In the event of an attempted robbery, personnel are to follow procedure outlined in Protocol Document 375-i2.

Description: SCP-375 is housed within what appears to be a bank within a small strip mall in █████████, Wyoming. Documents from the owners of the strip mall show no records of rent payment, or even ownership of the specified lot. Examination of the surrounding structure suggests that the mall had been built around SCP-375 itself. The actual object SCP-375 is a large, steel-titanium bank vault, equipped with a complex multi-stage locking mechanism. Whenever possible, the vault is to be kept open and disarmed.

The bank that houses SCP-375 is subject to various memetic effects, capable of unconsciously influencing anyone who enters the bank’s proximity. When affected by SCP-375, a subject may make a transaction at the bank by depositing whatever item they consider to possess great perceived value into SCP-375. After a subject enters the vault, the item will be replaced by a sum of currency, precious jewels, or gold bullion. Other types of objects have been observed on the rare occasion, such as credit cards, a winning lottery ticket, and a bucket containing a gallon of crude oil. After making the transaction, any and all memories involving the item exchanged with SCP-375 are lost.

Rarely, SCP-375 will attract a subject into the vault, after which it will close and engage the locking mechanism on the door. This subject is never seen again, and all memories and public records involving the subject are expunged or altered. After a period of 1-3 hours, SCP-375 will reopen, containing a large mass of an uncut precious gem, with a net worth of approximately $██,███,███ USD. This amount is consistent with each occurrence, except during Incident 375-C, where SCP-375 yielded a series of gems worth close to [DATA EXPUNGED]. The memetic effect of SCP-375 is completely irresistible to human subjects, with a capable range of over 5 km, with no discernable pattern or method to selection. SCP-148 is capable of blocking the effects, and allows interaction within the area of effect. Entering SCP-375 is still a danger, as the telekill alloy will not protect a subject if the door closes while inside. A notable exception is a subject who had been a practicing Buddhist at the time, and was able to enter and leave the bank without making an exchange.

Addendum 375-A: Several investigations have been launched into use of SCP-375 for personal gain on behalf of the Foundation, due to the possibility of exploitation by relevant personnel. Unfortunately, investigations launched into the matter have turned up surprisingly little, with most suspects vanishing from the records before any conclusive evidence can be accrued. Further inspection into the matter is pending.

Incident Log 375-C: On █-██-███, a group of five (5) armed men attempted a robbery at the bank where SCP-375 was located. Containment personnel responded with complacence to the wishes of the aggressors, and led the group to the vault. After Agent █████ vacated the vault, he and two other Foundation personnel closed SCP-375’s door, securing the robbers within and suffering only minor injury from the resulting gunfire. After several hours, SCP-375 reopened, yielding a large mass of precious gems. Notable is the fact that the memory of the event remained after consumption, most likely due to the unusual circumstances involving the forced closure of SCP-375’s door.

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