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Only know photograph of SCP 381. See Document #381-01 for details.

Item #: SCP-381

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-381 is at all times to be confined to a 7m x 7m x 3m room in Site 24 along with its target subject (Currently Subject 381D-19). This room is to be modeled after a standard apartment and is to be furnished however the target subject desires, within reason and with the authorization of any personnel currently assigned to the project with a security clearance of Level 4. The room is to be monitored via concealed observation posts at all times by no less than three Level 3 security personnel, at least one of which must practice some aspect of the Zoroastrian faith. Security cameras and observational equipment are not currently advised as part of the monitoring regimen due to the difficulty of capturing SCP-381 on recordable media (See Document 381-1).

Origin: SCP-381 was recovered on March 16, ████ when it fixated on Foundation agent ████ ██████ after she responded to a suspicious series of suicides in southern California. Current containment protocols were enacted after agent ████ ██████ succumbed to mental degradation.

Description: SCP-381 is a generally human shaped creature of unknown or no gender measuring 2.2 meters in height and weighing 29.9 kilograms. Its frame is extremely thin by human standards, but not skeletal. Its skin is a smooth, pale white color with a texture similar to porcelain. Its head has a vaguely avian shape, with dark sunken pits in place of eyes and a long beak or nose that appears to have no purpose. SCP-381 is always clothed in some form of contemporary clothing, although its style, color, and ethnic origin vary. This clothing is usually similar to those worn by the individuals that it associates with most often, and SCP-381 has been observed dressed in a standard Class-D jumpsuit, a lab coat, various male or female casual attire, a three piece suit, and a Mark IV biohazard protection suit since its arrival at Site 24. It is unknown how SCP-381 acquires or alters this clothing, or whether it is real or illusory in nature.

SCP-381 is believed to be a Daeva, one of the ‘gods to be rejected’ of the Zoroastrian faith. Foundation Scriptural Research and Analysis Specialists at Site 76 have labeled it as a ‘hamkar’ or assistant to an arch-demon and have tentatively identified it as either ‘Anast who Utters Falsehood’ or ‘Diwzhat the Hipocrite.’

SCP-381 is generally harmless to most humans, but can cause severe mental degradation to one subject at a time that it takes an interest in. To anyone other than this subject, SCP-381 is very difficult to focus on and is generally ignored unless the person has a very keen mind and a good reason to see SCP-381. This subject is generally a follower of Zoroastrianism, although several instances of followers of other religions or no religion have been reported. Once SCP-381 has fixated on a subject it either will not or cannot leave its side until that subject has died. Former subjects of this attention have reported that SCP-381 speaks to them telepathically in a calm, reassuring, friendly voice. Despite any fears or reservations that the subject initially displays, they will soon develop a liking for and trust in SCP-381 and believe that it is a true friend. The subject unconditionally believes anything that SCP-381 tells them. At this point SCP-381 begins slipping small falsehoods and worrisome information into conversations with the subject. This begins slowly and continues to build until the subject suffers some form of mental breakdown. This usually ends in the subject sinking into a deep state of depression, often resulting in either complete catatonia or attempts at self-termination. This generally takes between three and seven months.

No form of pharmacological or psychological treatment has shown any promise in delaying or reversing the onset of mental degradation, and the subject is usually terminated when this state is reached. In accordance with policy, there will always be at least 3 D-class personnel present at the termination that meet SCP-381’s criteria for fixation. In the event that SCP-381 fixates on other Foundation staff, they are to be confined and observed as usual and terminated upon reaching a sufficient state of breakdown.

Document #381-01:

For unknown reasons SCP-381 is nearly impossible to capture on any form of recording device, be it audio, video, still photograph, thermal imaging, or even sketches and paintings. This may or may not be associated with the difficulty most people have in noticing SCP-381. The only known photographic evidence of SCP-381 located to date is a single black and white image apparently taken in 1893 and labeled as SCP-381-1. It is unknown how this image was taken, but the most likely theory is that the camera involved could also be considered an SCP level item. No item currently in Foundation possession matches these capabilities.

The back of the photo reads: “Jonathan and I have a picnic. Central Park. July 12th 1893”

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