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SCP-382, in its current location.

Item #: SCP-382

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Is to be contained at it’s current location in ██████, Iceland. No attempts to move or relocate SCP-382 are to be made, and thus both the object, and the surrounding area require continuous surveillance and observation by a contingent of no less than twenty (20) level 2 security personnel. Any attempts to breach containment by the nearby civilian population are to be first met with reprimand, and then termination, to be covered up at a later time. For testing purposes, SCP-382 is to be turned .5 mm once per day, to be reset at the beginning of every month. If an attempt is made to turn SCP-382 to its fullest, all Class D personnel involved in testing are to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-382 appears to be a standard model valve, for use with a garden hose. The device itself is of no remarkable design, and is perfectly capable of being damaged or worn. The valve itself is painted white, with considerable wear on the finish. The valve’s apparatus is directly connected to the outside of the house it is affixed to, although investigation shows no actual plumbing system in place to deliver water to the valve. Turning the valve will cause no actual water to run, but will produce a sound similar to that of a valve discharging a liquid, along with a faint hissing noise.

When turned open, SCP-382 will begin to alter the probability in the immediate area around itself, which increases exponentially in proportion to how far the valve is turned. As SCP-382 becomes active, the area around it becomes more and dangerous to inhabit, due to the high probability that hazardous events will occur. Even at a low setting, SCP-382 is capable of causing spontaneous combustion, floods, and extreme storm conditions within its area. Over time, the events will become more and more violent, until SCP-382 is deactivated. SCP-382 is capable, in late stages of exposure, of causing events that are within the realms of impossibility, such as Incident 382-k, where a ██████ crashed into the affected area, despite it being a model that was confirmed to be in early design stages.

When originally discovered in 1██4, SCP-382 was found opened to the halfway position, which had been responsible for the freak tornadoes that had ravaged the nearby city of ████. These tornadoes hit at the same time as several earthquakes ranging from 6.3-8.5, one caused by a volcano that appeared in no known records of the area’s geography. This, along with several planes that lost navigation due to severe electromagnetic interference and crashed into the city itself, had an effective probability of .0000000███████-981. Being well below the Foundation’s threshold of impossibility, the incident was immediately investigated. After a concerted effort to reach the source of these events, SCP-382, the valve was disabled, and containment procedures were quickly established.

Attempts to either disable or destroy SCP-382 have been halted, due to speculation that SCP-382 is not inherently responsible for the effects it exhibits, but rather acts as a stopgap to whatever it dispenses. Any actual attempts have been unofficial and unrelated to the Foundation’s practices, and have all resulted in localized pockets of extreme improbability resulting in either the neutralization or death of the offending subject. It’s to be noted that while nearly anything can happen due to SCP-382’s effect on probability, that violent, destructive, and deleterious events are by far the most common, comprising 99.7% of the observed behavior (See Incident Log 382-U for details on exceptions).

Addendum: For obvious reasons, SCP-382 is never to come into proximity with other probability altering objects, such as SCP-777, due to unforeseen(at least more so than usual) consequences.

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