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Item #: SCP-384

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-384 shall be contained within secured storage locker ██-█-██ located at Sector ██. The locker will be of normal construction. The locker will be secured to the floor, ceiling, and backing wall as outlined in Security Protocol ██-█.

An additional card-reader and retinal scanner terminal will be fitted to the locker for additional security. Access to the locker will only be achieved by the simultaneous log-in of Dr. ████████ and ██ choice of Level 1 or Level 2 research personnel.

All research personnel shall be polygraphed and psychoanalyzed for gambling addictions prior to use of the object, on a random schedule to be determined by [DATA EXPUNGED]. All personnel with access will be searched prior to interaction with the object for contraband. Only with explicit written permission from Dr. ████████ shall research personnel be allowed to interact with SCP-384 using said contraband.

Contraband includes, but not limited to, in any known form, the following items:

Description: SCP-384 is a wooden box of black cherry (40.6 x 20.3 x 12.7 cm), estimated to be originally constructed in the 1800s, using radio-carbon dating of the lacquer and wood enclosure. Initial inspection indicates the object was retrofitted with more "modern" components from the 1950s, as the switches, key assembly, and visual indicator are all standard components manufactured during that decade.

SCP-384 was discovered by [DATA EXPUNGED] during an investigation of possible fraud of the daily 3 and 4 digit lottery games in the state of █████████. The agent, after interrogation and termination of suspects, received item through the evidence room of ██████ ███, using standard item acquisition protocols and ██████████ modification procedures.

Interrogation of suspects gave useful history of the object. SCP-384 apparently has been passed down generation to generation within a wealthy family of gamblers, originally from the United Kingdom. Their wealth may have been augmented or even initially gained by the use of SCP-384, as it can with apparent foreknowledge, predict sequences of encoded data with 100% accuracy.

A summary of the components that compromise SCP-384:

The external components consist of:

  • 5 two-way toggle switches
  • 11 push button switches
  • plunger style push button switch
  • locking key assembly
  • "Nixie" cathode tube display module

The internal components consist of:

  • Hand soldered breadboard
    • Standard 1950s electronic components of resistors, capacitors, inductors, and vacuum tubes
  • 4 Modern 9v batteries (2x2 series-parallel wiring for 18v)
  • Unique electromechanical interfaces, similar to solenoids, relays, and binary encoders
  • An apparent miniaturized Babbage Difference Engine (estimated at over 30000 fittings)
  • A brass engraving, affixed to the inside back panel which reads: "Dedicated to my Enchantress of Numbers"


For experimental results reference Experiment Log 384
For an easy to use usage guide and reference diagram please reference SCP-384 Usage Guide

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