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Item #: SCP-385

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-385 must not have direct contact with other SCPs, or D-Class personnel, and may only be communicated with by electronic methods. SCP is to be kept in a 10m by 10m room with furnishings of its request, within limits. As of ██/██/20██, its only requests have been for one (1) bed with one (1) pillow and two (2) blankets. SCP-385 must undergo mental health evaluations twice a month. If SCP-385 shows erratic behavior or suicidal tendencies, SCP is to be sedated and restrained immediately.

Description: Subject is a Caucasian male (23), born on ██/██/████ in ███████, Ireland. Subject has aged normally since containment █ years ago. Records show SCP-385's birth name as ████ ██████████, although it will respond to its designated number of SCP-385, or "Faf", a nickname it coined for itself.

When SCP-385 makes eye contact with another human being [hereby referred to as the "contacted"], it will suddenly cease any actions being carried out and stare at the other person, its pupils dilating. After approximately 12 seconds have elapsed, SCP-385 will return to normal. However, following this contact SCP-385 will act and function as whomever it made eye contact with. After a period ranging from ██ minutes to ██ days, SCP-385 will gradually return to normal, while retaining a complete memory and knowledge of the person whom it "contacted".

Through testing and interviews, the conclusion reached is that "Faf" will "absorb" all of the person's conscious and subconscious memories through an unknown process. It will then falsely see itself as this person, believing the memories obtained to be its own, and will act on the information it has gathered.

After this period is over, "Faf" will remember its identity, still retaining the memories of whomever it contacted. For a number of days after exiting this "mimic" state, SCP-385 will show symptoms of depression, masochism, and paranoia.

"Faf" was contained on ██/██/████, after passing an off-duty Agent ██████ on the street. According to both it and the agent's testimony, SCP-385 then asked the agent about the last known whereabouts of the escaped SCP-███. "Faf" was immediately taken into Foundation custody.

When first interrogated, SCP-385 claimed to be Agent ██████, attempting to prove this by retelling events of the weeks prior. After █ weeks in containment, while it was being considered for termination, SCP-385 exited its "mimic" state, and requested to speak to Agent ██████ it had contacted. SCP-385 explained its "condition", apologized for "causing a hassle", and requested the Foundation contain it so it wouldn't "cause any more of a bother."

Addendum 385a: It has become apparent that SCP-385 will not undergo the "mimic" process with someone it has already contacted in the past. However, SCP-385 seems to have an uncontrollable urge to talk to people it has contacted about what it learned about them. Considering SCP-385 will absorb both conscious and forgotten memories, this has resulted in the divulging of information to personnel who have been given Class A amnesiacs and had false memories implanted. A method of avoiding these accidental revelations has not yet been identified. Direct contact between SCP-385 and personnel is therefore to be limited and controlled.

Addendum 385b: It has been suggested that SCP-385 be exposed to other sentient SCPs to learn their origins and possible methods of exterminating them. However, SCP-385 has shown extreme depression and suicidal tendencies when exposed to Class-D personnel, due to psychological trauma of temporarily "being" and permanently retaining the memories of a killer, rapist, or [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is unknown how aggressive or manic SCP-385 may become if exposed to other SCPs.

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