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Item #: SCP-391

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-391 is to be kept in a drawer in Dr. █████████ desk for as long as he wants it there. Using SCP 356 without the doctors permission is to be punished with termination or confinement with SCP-391 for 6 hours. This decision is up to the transgressor, and will be upheld.

Description: SCP-391 is a small glass bottle ~7 cm tall. It is made of frosted white glass, and very little light shines through it. The bottle appears in all respects to be ordinary, and is topped with a cork plug.

When opened, SCP-391 emits a pale colored gas, the color of which seems to be randomly assigned every time the bottle is opened.

Reported colors are as follows.

01/13/08 - Green
01/29/08 - Blue
02/5/08 - Light pink with red highlights
03/25/08 - Dark green streaked with brown.

This gas reportedly has a foul odor, and causes a host of mental and respiratory problems in exposed subjects, including, but not limited to asthma, wheezing, 3 hour long coughing fit's, coughing up blood, sinus corrosion, psychosis, screaming fits, and extreme self mutilation.

After 4 experiments were carried out, the researchers assigned to SCP-391 were satisfied that they had discovered all the abilities that SCP-391 possessed. It was at this point that Dr. █████████ requested SCP-391 to be used as a punishment for severe infractions, as an alternative to termination. Request has been granted.

Experiment Log

All subjects used for SCP-391's experiments are Class D personnel slated for termination.

Subject locked in room with SCP-391 for 10 minutes. After gas was released, subject shortly began running around the room screaming about how the air smelled like "dead babies". After 10 minutes, gas was removed from the room and subject was taken to the medical ward. Subject SCP-391a continued to cough for 3 hours, and reported that his lungs "were really tender and raw". Subject was terminated the next day, and autopsy results revealed slight corrosion of the lungs and respiratory tract.

Subject locked into room with SCP-391 for one hour. Subject declared that the gas smelled like a "gorilla fart mixed with flaming hair and shit" and began to wheeze uncontrollably and cough up blood for quite some time. Subject slowly turned blue and eventually died. Autopsy results show subjects respiratory tract was almost completely dissolved.

Subject given standard gas mask while in chamber with SCP-391. Subject lasted 5 minutes before SCP-391 affected him. Once the gas had penetrated the mask, subject ran to the door and tried to get out. 30 minutes later, subject had removed the mask and began tearing at his face until most of the flesh was removed. At this point subject sat down and began gibbering. Approximately 3 minutes later subject bled to death. Autopsy revealed that the gas had seeped into his brain an was corroding it, as it had his lungs, throat, nose, and sinuses. Due to the violent nature of subjects demise, testing has been temporarily suspended pending investigation into the effects if gas was accidentally released into the ventilation system of Site 19.

Subject placed in same room as SCP-391 indefinitely. Video surveillance shows results similar to other subjects. After 12 hours of exposure to gas, subjects corpse began to dissolve in a manner similar to the corrosion witnessed in other subjects lungs. After 24 hours, only a small pink puddle was left. Analysis shows it to be mostly water mixed with blood.

It appears that the gas, having the most foul odor imaginable, is also very corrosive, only targeting the mucous membranes first due to their lack of protection against foreign agents. Investigation into use of SCP-391 as a weapon currently being investigated. All further testing is hereby suspended until further notice.

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