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Last image sent to the Foundation by Agent █████████, before being KIA

Item #: SCP-392

Object Class: Euclid (Keter classification pending approval)

Special Containment Procedures: As of the current date no special procedures are recommended for the containment of SCP-392, as it heretofore has only displayed a threat upon activation. Due to the obvious danger stemming from a containment breech, it has been requested (and approved) that SCP-392 be placed within an ordinary Euclid containment room, with a reinforced and locked door. A 24-hour watch of 8 guards on 3 hour shifts (class-D or level 1 personnel) is to assigned to secure the cell until such a date that the full use and danger of SCP-392 has been ascertained. (All class-D personnel assigned for this job must pass routine security checks and have a stable mental background.)

Description: SCP-392 was discovered when [DATA REDACTED] leading to the discovery of a seemingly abandoned physics research facility. The purpose of the facility was determined to lie in explorations of quantum physics both experimental and theoretical, emphasizing investigations probing the nature of quantum resonance. An exploratory team was sent to determine the location of the missing staff. Agent █████████ located the device, and suspecting it to be the cause of the disturbance, attempted to interface with it. (Note: Needless to say, had he survived, he would have been severely reprimanded. - Agent "█") Upon doing so, the entire room and its contents vanished, with only the machine in a fenced off section of the room still remaining. This disappearance included the walls and ceiling, as well as the majority of the flooring, leaving it exposed to the outside world.
This was all observed by agents [DATA EXPUNGED], who reported that within minutes the room began to 'reform' out of midair, including the floor, ceiling and contents, in their original locations (minus the missing agent).
Only a few moments after the reappearance of the room and its contents, a large amount of blood and organs deposited themselves in the place of the Agent █████████. After genetic testing of the remains with samples on profile for Agent █████████ he is considered as KIA. The machine was retrieved with no further incident, and testing began at Unit [DATA EXPUNGED].

Additional: Several tests were run, exposing both inorganic and organic matter to the machine. Each test yielded similar results; Namely, all inorganic matter was rebuilt after a period of time, and all organic matter was assembled as separate unconnected parts, the most complex to date being the arm of a class-D personnel.

The team assigned to it has drawn certain conclusions regarding the mechanics and intended effects of the device, and the cause of death to organic matter:

  • The machine can be altered to affect a selected volume, which can be a location remote from the object, and can have all dimensional aspects freely altered.
  • The machine breaks down matter to its simplest form, quarks, and then proceeds to re-assemble it after an allotted time.
  • The quarks themselves experience a form of quantum teleportation, motivated primarily by the interaction between free quarks generated by the device and hadronic matter in the air surrounding the device.
  • It is believed the machine could 'hide' an inorganic object for an indefinite period of time, and reform it at a remote distance of 350 miles (approx).
  • Organic matter is re-assembled into the materials to form the specific organism. This process generally leaves microstructures, such as cells, intact. However, the machine seems incapable of forming these raw materials into a functional organism, and so simply deposits the remains near the location they originated from. Due to the unique interaction between quantum phenomena and consciousness seen before by Foundation staff, it is an open question whether the personality of a person could survive an insubstantiation event resulting from SCP-392.

Additional: The lack of personnel or remains at the site where the machine was located was attributed to a wide scale test of the machine, leading to the deaths of all staff. The deposits of biological material left by the machine are believed to have been consumed by local wildlife, which had been noted to be present in the site during the initial investigation. These are to be considered moot points, and bear no relevance to the continued study of the machine. - Agent "█"

Despite the absence of harmful preactivation events involving SCP-392, there is continued worry that the machine is not safe. Based upon investigation of the scientific material present at the site, it is believed that the scientists that constructed 392 had no reason to suspect dangerous effects. Due to this information, many believe that their deaths were not an accident. Some have recommended (awaiting approval), that the machine be upgraded to Keter class and moved to a remote site, citing the possibility of a dormant artificial intelligence. Those favoring this interpretation of events note that all inorganic matter on an organic being at the time of reappearance is no longer present, inconsistent with the predicted function of the device.

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