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Item #: SCP-393

Object Class: Safe Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-393 requires no specific measures for containment, but due to its nondescript nature should only be commissioned to personnel deemed capable of maintaining and properly storing perishable, or at least destructible items.
Item currently in storage in Site 33.
For current containment procedures, refer to Addendum 393-5.

Description: SCP-393 is currently a black hooded sweatshirt (male, XL) with no discernible branding. Item was previously a black hooded sweatshirt (male, XL) of █████ make, previously a black hooded sweatshirt (female, M) of ████████ make, previously a black hooded sweatshirt, (male, L), of ████████ make.

SCP-393 came to the attention of the Foundation shortly after reactivation of Site 33 by ████ Kulzn.
SCP-393 has the ability to grant its wearer a form of night vision, not unlike that created by modern-day night-vision goggles; however the vision gained from SCP-393 is far easier to comprehend as it is not a digital representation of the field of vision, and is naturally decoded by the visual cortex, insofar as this ability can be considered 'natural'. Also, where the mechanical items usually show everything in shades of green, SCP-393 seems to show everything in whichever one colour the wearer can discern with the least effort. Night vision appears to persist for as long as the hood is actually on the head, and dissipates when hood is removed.

Although prolonged testing has not been carried out at this time, the current known list of side-effects is small, in that there is only one.
Shortly after SCP-393 is removed from its wearer entirely (current estimate: three (3) hours), wearer succumbs to a particularly severe case of nyctalopia, or 'night blindness'. This effect is however temporary, and currently has been observed to last no longer than 72 hours, after which normal sight is fully restored.
[See Addendum 393-4]

Conveniently for the wearer, upon gaining this night-vision, wearer is also granted improved visual acuity and a slight increase in reaction times in response to visual signals. After brief testing it was deemed that other senses including spacial awareness were not improved.
Improved sight and reactions do not remain after removal of SCP-393.

Addendum 393-1: ██-██-200█
Item severely damaged due to resilience testing.

Addendum 393-2: ██-██-200█.
Owing to Kulzn's propensity towards this item of clothing, a further property has been discovered. When damaged, if SCP-393 is placed near an item of similar composition, its abilities seem to be transferred to the intact article of clothing. Further testing required.

Addendum 393-3: ██-██-200█.
Removing a small section of SCP-393 and placing it with another item of similar composition does not yield another similarly-imbued item. However SCP-393 would appear to have limited regenerative abilities in that if a piece of cloth of similar make-up to SCP-393 is left in contact with it, SCP-393 seems to weave this cloth seamlessly into itself to repair small rips and tears, and changes composition and/or hue of fabric segment into that of itself.

Addendum 393-4: ██-██-200█.
After testing, a new property has come to light. In addition to the night vision, SCP-393 would now appear able to grant its user thermal imagery. Once again the colours it uses are those the user would be the most responsive to. There are no discernible reasons for this new property to manifest, and all previous users, when retested, could all access this second ability. Research is ongoing.

Addendum 393-5: ██-██-200█
After continued testing it has been noted that SCP-393 drains energy from its wearer, hereafter referred to as the host. This became readily apparent after the death of research assistant Parker. Preliminary autopsy reports show cause of death as multiple organ failure due to extreme fatigue. Re-examination of previous test results show a marked increase in the 'leeching' effect of SCP-393 on its host, and an investigation is underway as to how such an obvious effect went repeatedly unnoticed.
Additionally the physical makeup of SCP-393 has altered, presumably brought on by the influx of energies drained from various hosts. The item no longer consists of a standard 65/35 Polyester/Cotton fabric, instead more resembling chitinous scales.
SCP-393 is now to be kept within an SLF isolator inside the long-term storage unit of Site 33. Item has been reclassified as Safe/Euclid.

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