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Item #: SCP-394

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-394 is to be kept refrigerated at all times to prevent it from melting. The refrigeration unit in which it is stored should have its own independent backup power supply in the event of a power loss. Due to potential use as a source of energy, SCP-394 is to be considered a high-priority item in the event of an emergency evacuation. Additionally, unauthorized personnel are not to approach SCP-394, or its refrigeration unit, for the sake of keeping SCP-394 secure.

Description: SCP-394 is a 5cm3 (2in3) block of lime gelatin dessert. Chemical analysis shows that it is identical to supermarket grade gelatin. It was found in the refrigerator in Dr. ██████████'s quarters, and its origin is unknown. Dr. ██████████ nearly ate SCP-394, until realizing that he had not put it in his refrigerator himself. Suspecting a poisoning attempt, Dr. ██████████ brought it to the medical area for chemical analysis and possible fingerprint analysis on its plate.

After it was confirmed to be harmless, Dr. ██████████ noticed that SCP-394 remained in motion despite having not been touched for over fifteen minutes. It was moved to a refrigerator with a transparent window for observation, and after over six hours, had not slowed.

SCP-394 is in a state of perpetual motion. Not only does it refuse to slow down as the laws of thermodynamics demand, but obstacles placed in the path of its jiggling have no impact. Moving SCP-394 more does not result in increased speed.

SCP-394 represents a potential unlimited energy source, if its random jiggling can somehow be harnessed into a more useful form. Currently the amount of energy required to keep it cooled is much greater than the amount of energy it produces. Several research teams are searching for a way to multiply its power.

SCP-394 is somewhat fragile. Small pieces have been cut from the main block for research pieces, and although they retained the perpetual motion qualities of the original, they eventually melted. This confirms that SCP-394 is susceptible to melting.

Note from Dr. ██████████: Stop demanding that we mass-produce this stuff! We're trying! Unfortunately, it just so happens to be chemically and physically identical to lime gelatin, apart from the fact that it breaks the laws of physics. We have no idea where to begin. If you have any bright ideas, then why don't you try your hand at it?!

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