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Container of SCP-398

Item #: SCP-398

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-398 is to remain within its container (SCP-398-1) whenever not in use for research purposes. SCP-398-1 is to be stored within the security lockers at Site-19. Both Dr. Bright and O5-6 have keys to said locker.

When using 398, two researchers are required at a minimum. When 398A is opened, one researcher must be behind it at all times while open.

Description: SCP-398 is a piece of human flesh, 2cm by 2cm, of apparent African or Arabic origin. SCP-398 appears to have been dried to the point of brittleness, although tests to determine tactile strength are currently impossible to make. Due to shape and appearance, it is believed that SCP-398 is a foreskin.

SCP-398 was found in the reliquary of an abandoned monastery in Northern Ireland, contained inside of SCP-398-1, an ornately carved wooden box. Carbon dating on 398A places it at approximately two thousand years old. Despite its age, 398A shows little sign of wear, and still opens easily on the original hinges.

When 398-1 is opened to reveal 398, an incredible sense of peace encompasses all living beings within sight, with the exception of anyone standing behind 398-1. This lassitude extends on both physical and mental levels, increasing in strength as one approaches SCP-398 until anyone within 1 yard becomes incapable of movement. When 398-1 is open, no violent actions are capable of being performed.

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