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Item #: SCP-399

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object to be secured in Containment Unit-11 at all times. Only with O5 clearance is SCP-399 to be removed, and the following procedures must be followed at all times when the object is not in containment:

  • Only authorized Level 4 personnel may remove SCP-399 from containment.
  • All personnel in the vicinity of SCP-399 are to be dressed in full HazMat equipment.
  • Personnel removing 399 from containment for any reason are to be escorted and monitored at all times by at least four armed security persons.
  • Any attempt to take 399 into the containment area of another SCP will be met with termination.
  • Only personnel with a Ph.D in Chemistry and able to pass test 399-1337X will be allowed to directly contact SCP-399. Any personnel unable to produce proper authorization and still attempting to touch SCP-399 will be terminated.

Description: Object appears at first glance to be a ring made of non-precious metal. In reality, it is made of a material unknown on Earth. When in contact with a living human (wearing is merely helpful for use, not a requirement), the ring will warm. This can take anywhere from a matter of seconds up to several hours depending on the person. Most users must only wait a few minutes. Once warmed, the ring seems to have the ability to manipulate matter at the atomic level.

While in contact with SCP-399, the user is able to move and change the properties of the atoms around him, along with the apparent ability to add or remove atomic and subatomic particles at will. This makes it possible for the user to literally change the fundamental properties of everything around him, include air. The energy required to do this with current technology points to extra-terrestrial or alternate space-time origins.

More dangerous than this startling ability are the repercussions of use by inexperienced hands. Those with little or no understanding of chemistry (usually Class-D personnel) can cause catastrophic failures at the atomic level. The resulting atomic detonations can be threatening not just to the user, but the facility within which he resides. Even well-learned chemists must remain focused on their task and keep a clear mind when using SCP-399, or the same failures can result.

Document 399-56-001:
Date: ██/██/20██
Location: Site-13
Class-4 Personnel present: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Dr. ██████ █████ is the designated user. User attempts to turn five lead bars into gold. The first four attempts were unsuccessful, as Dr. ██████ █████ tries to learn the way the ring works. On the fifth attempt, he succeeds, after which one of the attached security personnel exclaims that it is quote: "A mother-[EXPLETIVE] miracle." The resulting explosion destroyed Site-13.

Date: ██/██/20██
Location: Containment Unit-11
Class-4 Personnel present: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Dr. ███ █████ is the designated user. User attempts to fashion solid matter from oxygen molecules. Several attempts create semi-solid masses, but they fail to maintain solidarity. After several hours of attempts, user manages to create a solid mass of oxygen. Designated SCP-███. See corresponding report for more details.

Addendum 399-12: After numerous attempts to aquire authorization for SCP-399 to "get rich" using the methods discussed in Doc.399-56-001, all personnel assigned to SCP-399 reassigned to Keter-class SCP's at Site-19. All further requests for 399 authorization for simliar reasons will be met with similar responses.

Addendum 399-Z01: Agent █████████████, possibly under unknown influences, made several complaints to Oversight regarding the supposed misuse of SCP-399 as well as many other SCP's. Counselling was recommended, but Agent never checked in for appointments. On July, ██ 20██, with the support of half a dozen Class-2&3 personnel and over fourty Class-D personnel, Agent █████████████ breached the containment area for over a dozen SCP's, making off with an as-yet unknown number of them. SCP-399 was among them.

I'm recommending that a dedicated Task Force be assembled to hunt down Agent █████████████ and those supporting him. The destruction that SCP-399 could cause would easily cause chaos in the population at large. More importantly, until a complete list of missing SCP's can be compiled, I'm recommending complete psych-evals for anyone who had been in contact with Agent █████████████ within the last six months. Recovering those SCP's is our top priority, and rooting out any insiders he has in the Foundation may lead us to him. — O5-11

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