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Item #: SCP-401

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-401 must be kept on an easel at all times; Do not attempt to move object SCP-401 without supervision of class 3 personnel or above. Under no circumstances are any personnel to alter or add any material to object SCP-401 unless they are specialized class D personnel chosen specifically for this task (see additional notes). At 1600 daily, class D personnel are to photograph SCP-401 and add the picture as well as any observations about SCP-401 into the daily logs.

Description: 36.83cmx32.39cm (14.5inx12.75in) painting, appears to be an unfinished portrait of a man. Discovered in an abandoned house in the countryside of Colorado in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Painted in an unknown medium, though it appears oil based, a material composition test proved inconclusive.

SCP-401 changes how it looks every three hours (avg.), these changes include:
eye color, facial expression, direction facing, and hair color. If at any time SCP-401 has a negative emotion showing, all personnel are advised to observe class 2 lockdown and evacuation procedures.

Video cameras are only to be operated at times when personnel are within SCP-401 containment area. All attempts to capture video of SCP-401 have proved fruitless, as the painting appears completely black to all electronic equipment.

Additional notes: [DATE EXPUNGED]: Our attempt to finish the painting was a disaster. Two of the prison inmates we recruited who were apparently quite good painters are now gone, as well as half my team. [DATA EXPUNGED] was able to communicate to me before he died, he said, "Its eyes… they…"
It should be noted that he sounded almost euphoric. All attempts to recover the video from the incident have been inconclusive. No trace of any of the team members or prison inmates, as well as any of their equipment, has been found.

Additional notes 401-#2: It would appear on further inspection that the area of the paint has increased by 3% from prior to the incident.

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