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Item #: SCP-403

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: It is to be contained in a sealed room measuring 10m x 10m. At no point is it to be given any term that it could construe to be a name. Its SCP designation is not to be used in any case, as it has already adopted it as a name and used it to devastating effect. At no time are any personnel to assign a name to it, even in jest. Due to this, any member of the staff with knowledge of it who shows erratic behavior or signs of possession are to be terminated immediately. Class D personnel are cleared to enter the containment unit, but all staff preparing to converse with it must have high command’s approval. In the event of containment failure, containment area and the facility immediately near it is to be flooded with cyanide gas, which disables the host.

Description: It is incredibly powerful. It has the ability to possess any subject it chooses to, so long as the subject knows one of the names it knows itself by. The only word it refuses to take is the word “it.” Referring to it by its SCP designation is the same as referring to it by the current host’s name, ███████ ██████. Mere knowledge of the name is enough means for possession. Possession appears to confer superhuman strength and nigh-indestructibility to the host. While possessed, the host does not seem to need food or water.

It is currently in possession of a massively-overweight woman believed to be in her mid-40s. No other information is known about the host. It was located in its current condition in █████████, Ukraine. Once possessed, it slaughtered at least 100 people in the surrounding villages. When local authorities were called in, they were quickly destroyed by the possessed host. The Foundation was notified and took the host into custody after a three-day battle. After losing containment twice, its abilities were finally discovered and it was properly contained.

Addendum: Further testing has shown that is is both intelligent and malignant. Once we had taught it the English language, it was quite conversant, if not derisive and caustic in regard to any human. Prolonged eye contact caused one of my assistants to go suddenly and violently insane, killing and raping the corpse of my other assistant with such speed that it took the shocked guard almost 30 seconds to put the poor boy down. Further experimentation is not recommended. -Dr. █████

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