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Item #: SCP-404

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-404 is to be kept in Section Alpha-1 of the Documents Repository. Any movement of SCP-404 beyond Section Alpha-1 will result in termination.

Description: A large manila envelope with a sign-out grid stamped on the front in black ink. Ink has been dated to 1833, ±10 years; Folder dated to 1834, ±10 years. Many signatures are noted on the grid, notably those of former Document Repository Administrators ████████ ( dated ████), ███ (dated ████), and ██████████ (dated ████).

Contained inside SCP-404 are 1623 documents and 452 photographs, organized into 18 groups, some paper clipped or stapled, others bound. All lines of text on these documents are blacked out. Over time, several documents have changed into readable text, showing us different documents relating to past and future events, and in one instance, that of a SCP (SCP-███████) not yet in our possession. Documents that have revealed themselves have been moved into lock box ███-█ of Documents Repository Section ████-██, to prevent knowledge of future events from influencing the present. (Summary of documents deemed accessible are attached)

Document #404-A30: September 11, 2001 (First revealed September 11, 1991)

(Entire text of document is still blacked. A single gritty photograph of burning towers in an unknown location has been revealed.)

Document #404-A72: December 31, 2006 (First revealed December 30, 1991)

Photograph of a thickly bearded, unkempt man climbing what appears to be a gallows in a poorly-lit basement.

Document #404-C02.1: Assumed to be November 23, 2010 (Paper has been blank since envelope first opened)

Document appears to be a newspaper, however it is entirely blank and carries a note paper clipped to it: Team dispatched to prevent this - R.X.K., November 13, 2008.

Document #404-C02.2: November 23, 2010 (First revealed November 14, 2008)

Document found behind document #404-C02.1, and appears to be identical to said document, except that it is a normal newspaper.

Document #404-D44: Date unknown. Carbon dating would suggest the item is from approximately 450 years in the future.

Document purports to be the front page of a newspaper written in an unfamiliar alphabet. A gargantuan full-color picture, apparently a photograph of a planet (not recognizably Earth) exploding, takes up the entire top half of the page.

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