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Item #: SCP-405

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-405 is to be kept in a locked box in the middle drawer of a three-drawer filing cabinet that contains the following materials: One (1) film canister containing a vintage snuff film, One (1) kitchen knife of any pedigree or size, One (1) bloodied handkerchief that was found alongside SCP-405.

The file cabinet is to be stored in a concrete room with colorful bars spray-painted on the wall to facilitate perception of SCP-405’s effects. SCP-405 should not be removed from its room cabinet unless undergoing study. During inspection and study, SCP-405 should not be moved more than 1.5m (5ft) away from the objects stored alongside it. If personnel notice light or color draining from the room, they are to immediately return it to the filing cabinet.

Description: SCP-405 is a Bell & Howell Filmo 75 16mm motion picture camera, manufactured in 1930. Its owners and circumstances prior to being purchased at auction by the Foundation are unclear despite photographic evidence.

The film stored with SCP-405 is a black and white 16mm film depicting the stabbing deaths of numerous individuals, predominantly women, including personnel who failed to observe the containment procedures. The face of the figure stabbing those the film depicts is always occluded, although the face of a man in a stylized art nouveau mask flashes at approximately two hours and fifteen minutes.

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