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Item #: SCP-410

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-410-2 has negotiated to have ██████ designated as a non-access federal wild-life reserve for the purpose of its containment. SCP-410-2 has stated that researchers are welcome to visit their nest, so long as no coercive experiments or actions are taken against SCP-410-1 or its progeny.

Description: SCP-410-1 is currently a large tree of teal foliage, standing over 6.1m (20ft) tall. The tree has several anomalies that have caused need for containment; the most pressing being the constant creation of small chimerical progeny.

SCP-410-2 through SCP-410-13 (as of ██/██/08) are the result of the acorn-like growths that drop from SCP-410-1. They are small creatures about 0.3m (1ft) in height and of varying body structures. Each creature seems to be different, and so far they have been recorded as having the features of various arthropods (specifically Archnida, Xiphosura, Malacostraca, and Insecta), gastropods, birds, algae, and plants. Each Lychka (as they call themselves) seems to be unique in appearance and abilities, each which seem specially adapted to suit the colony in some manner.

Beyond their physical qualities, the Lychkas seem to have several abilities they all have in common. Most noticeable, all Lychkas are capable of some degree of empathic communication; they use this ability to calm down aggressors and make peaceful connections. They also seem to be highly intelligent; SCP-410-2, who is capable of speech (due to possessing a parrot-like beak), took only two days to learn complex English phrases. Further research into intelligence is pending. Their senses of hearing, smell, and touch seem to be extremely developed, though it has been noted their sense of sight is below that of a human.

The Lychkas live in a colony centered around SCP-410-1, or “The Tree of Progeny” as they refer to it. The tree seems to have the sole function of creating new Lychka. The Lychka in turn, keep the tree safe. The Lychkas spend most of their time collecting fruit, seeds, nuts, and berries, which they carry back to the nesting site and use as food and fertilizer. They have been noted to make small ‘orchards’ out of wild-growing plant specimens that are particularly useful to them.

The Lychka are extremely peaceful creatures; they are totally committed to non-violence, and the very idea is hard for them to grasp. Those who spend a lot of time around the Lychkas seem to become increasingly immersed in this way of thinking.

Acquisition: Following the first test of SCP-407, the seed that would later become SCP-410-1 was found. Under a controlled environment, the seed was planted and allowed to grow. Within days [DATA EXPUNGED]. Two days after that, a small cluster of five nuts, resembling acorns, grew on a branch of the SCP-410-1. [DATA EXPUNGED]. Initial orders were that one of the creatures be dissected for study, but due to the empathic abilities of the Lychkas, no researchers could force themselves to do so. Two days later, SCP-410-2 was capable of English communication, and began negotiations with the foundation. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Interview with SCP-410-02:

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: So, what can you tell us of your origins?

SCP-410-2: The bearer of progeny would have taken nine by seven scores to germ and five by ten sets of ten to bloom and drop the kin of leaf and life.

Dr. ██████: [Using calculator] So you’re saying the tree came about 1760 years early? Was this entirely due to SCP-407’s effect?

SCP-410-2: Though the bearer did know his time was not near, the song was corrupted and too much to bear.

Dr. ██████: The song was corrupted?

SCP-410-2: The song should be sung by voice and gasp and soul, not the cold unnatural wail of your devices. Power without soul and voice builds without direction.

Dr. ██████: What is your purpose now then?

SCP-410-2: Only the Tree of Progeny knows fully the secrets of the suns and those who spin them. But we were not meant for this time. Should the souls of the kin of earth and fire and steel burn out, we would build the world anew with our Progenitor, until he died and we were once more replaced. It is not right that we should talk; the breakers-to-be and those born of the breaking. I simply do and say as the Progenitor commands.

<End Log>

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