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Item #: SCP-411

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-411 is to be stored folded in sixteenths in an appropriately-sized footlocker, which is to be locked with a heavy padlock. The footlocker is to be locked in an ordinary closet with a heavy wooden door. An alarm is to go off if any unauthorized personnel attempt to open the door. Under no circumstances are any sentient SCP's to be made aware of SCP-411's presence, especially those at keter class. It could be utilized in an escape attempt.

Description: SCP-411 is a fleece blanket measuring 2mx1.8m, bearing a blue and white checked pattern. The edges are white and bear the words [DATA EXPUNGED].

When subjects are completely covered by SCP-411, they appear to outside observers to vanish. The subject is found anywhere from five (5) minutes to several weeks later, in a completely different location. Subjects report finding a small tunnel bearing the blanket's pattern. The other end of the tunnel is always reported to be somewhere different.

Addendum #1: Logs of Agent "Apocalemur" testing SCP-411

Date: ██/██/████
Test Subject: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Results: Subject disappeared when all edges of SCP-411 touched the floor. Subject was discovered five minutes later by Level 0 staff in a supply closet.

Date: ██/██/████
Test Subject: Same
Results: SCP-411 was folded and returned to storage once subject disappeared. Subject returned to testing area within an hour, claiming to have emerged in a women's restroom in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Date: ██/██/████
Test Subject: Same
Results: Subject returned to facility after three days. Claimed to have emerged in container with SCP-173. Eyes were severely bloodshot, presumably from not blinking until released.

Date: ██/██/████
Test Subject: Same
Results: Subject was not heard from for fifteen days. Finally contacted foundation on ██/██/████. Claimed to be in a hospital in Bogotá, having been assaulted after refusing to smuggle cocaine into ███ ██████ ██████ in exchange for a plane ticket. After recovery by the Foundation, requested not to be assigned to SCP-411 again.

Date: ██/██/████
Test Subject: Personnel D-1034
Results: Subject was discovered one day later by a Foundation team in the Gobi desert. Subject seemed to be severely disoriented and dehydrated.

Date: ██/██/████
Test Subject: Same
Results: Subject immediately emerged from within SCP-411's storage box. It should be noted that the subject is a full meter taller than the box is deep. Was instructed by Agent Apocalemur to try to climb back into the tunnel. Subject retreated into the box. Was never seen again, although security footage of an attempt by Foundation personnel to subdue SCP-682 shows what appears to be a human head matching the description of Personnel D-1034 emerging from behind a rock seconds before being consumed by SCP-682.

Date: ██/██/████
Test Subject: Personnel D-977
Results: Prior to testing, subject is given a two-way radio transceiver, and told to describe his experiences to Agent Apocalemur. Transcript follows:

Apocalemur: Testing, testing…do you hear me?

D-977: Yes.

Apocalemur: Good. Now cover yourself completely with the blanket. Curl up on the floor if you have to.

(a brief period of silence)

Apocalemur: Okay, now what do you see?

D-977: It's just blue and white everywhere.

Apocalemur: There should be something like a tunnel somewhere. Crawl through it.

D-977: Yeah, here it is…(silence)…I think I see the end.

Apocalemur: Okay, now don't go all the way out. Stop as soon as you're head's out of the tunnel.

D-977: It's getting really cold in here…I think I'm (incomprehensible due to ambient sounds, confirmed to be a breeding colony of emperor penguins)

Apocalemur: Can you hear me? I want you to go back into the tunnel as far as you can.

(ambient sounds stop)

D-977:…All right, I'm in. There were penguins everywhere!

Apocalemur: I figured. How far back into the tunnel did you go?

D-977: Not far. I just got my head in. It feels like the tunnel's closed behind me.

Apocalemur: Okay, now I want you to go forwards, and tell me if anything changes.

D-977: It feels warm this time…and bright, too…oh…oh god! OH GOD!

Apocalemur: What's happening?


Apocalemur: Where are you?

(transmission lost)

Apocalemur: God damn it.


A human skeleton, identified by dental records as personnel D-977, was discovered the following day in the Site 19 furnace.

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