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Item #: SCP-412

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-412 was formerly classified "Safe" and kept at the now-defunct Tsang Facility in █████████████, Leng, █████████ under direct jurisdiction of O5-13 - Central Asia Command, Polkovnik General ████ ██████████. Object is known to have resisted all containment measures ranging from multiple standard lexan human containment cells to a purpose-built, reinforced cement "well" reaching to one hundred meters below the surface of the Tsang Plateau. Current theory calls for an underground bunker along the lines of the ██████████ Facility at ██████, constructed as far below the surface of the earth as is feasible given geological conditions at the build site. This facility is to be manned by an all-volunteer forced tasked with not only containment of the subject but supply self-sufficiency and even human reproduction to ensure availability of crew into the foreseeable future. This facility is to be isolated from all direct contact with the surface and the entrance is to be sealed upon beginning of operations. Additional steps have been suggested for provision of a halon gas system capable of termination of all life within the compound in the space of two minutes. Construction of such a facility was underway at Tsang before [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: Object was first detected by Galileo atmospheric probe 7 December 1995 in shallow Jovian Atmosphere and recovery was effected [DATA EXPUNGED]

  • Probability of chance collision between Galileo atmospheric probe and object SCP-412 is statistically insignificant. As of report time the Research Division has been unable to offer any viable hypothesis to account for this.
  • Object is described as [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • Many behaviors of SCP-412 were described by L4 Tsang research staff as indicative of high-order sentience, and it is generally accepted that the object displays inquisitiveness, capacity for lateral thinking, and animal cunning in levels that exceed those of the average human by orders of magnitude.
  • Object was unofficially named "Lev" by L4 Dr. ███████ ██████.
  • Given the apparent impracticality of containment and the apparent docile nature of the object, SCP-412 was (in flagrant violation of protocol) reportedly given free run of the inner security antechambers of "his" various containment facilities as new means of containment were hurriedly implemented. During these periods research workers reported many instances of, in the words of one L3, "niggling paranoia and a rising whisper of animal terror" only to turn around and discover SCP-412 in the room with them, watching.
  • The penultimate transmission from the Tsang Facility was received on 11 June 2008. Chiefly of note is the observation that SCP-412 had come to recognize its own name and SCP designation. The final transmission from the Tsang Facility, assumed to have been sent by SCP-412 itself, contained only the sounds of ragged breathing.
  • Given security protocols of other Objects stored on-site, █████████ ██, ███ █████████████ ████████████ of the site was effected via █████ █████████████. Various press releases have been issued pointing as per protocol to meteorite strike.

Additional Notes: High Command has as of 12 June 2008 made re-acquisition of SCP-412 and other SCP assets previously stored on-site at Tsang [DATA EXPUNGED]

  • Recommend deletion of this article and immediate destruction of all research corpus given recent developments. - O5
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