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Item #: SCP-413

Object Class: Safe (Potential Euclid in case of misuse)

Special Containment Procedures: Although no special containment procedures have been set for SCP-413, it should be kept safe from inexpert hands in case of unintended effects. It is currently kept in Dr. Gibbons' office, more precisely, in locker No. █

Description: SCP-413 is a reglamentary, Foundation-comissioned Franchi SPAS-12 customized by Dr. P██████ Gibbons during his off-duty hours. One side of it has been engraved with what appears to be a lighter or a small blowtorch, in order to show the letters "P-GR-K", that relates to Dr. Gibbons' full name (P██████ Gibbons Rylaher - Kyriaki). The muzzlebrake has been removed and in it's place a polished granite cilinder, matching dimensions of the muzzlebraker, has been placed in order to contain the smaller, ring of SCP-409 that is placed within it. Besides these features, no other modifications have been noted by staff.

When a .12 gauge shotgun shell is fired from SCP-413, the pellets will come into contact with the ring of SCP-409, becoming crystallized on the spot, with no loss of angular velocity or accuracy. After the pellets hit the target, it will not only cause the expected physical damage from the projectile, but it will also crystalize the material that the projectiles have touched, matching the effects of SCP-409.


Document 413-A: Retrieval of SCP-413: SCP-413 was found in Dr. Gibbons' office by a janitor who discovered his properties after accidentally firing the shotgun on his foot. Weapon was confiscated by O5-█ personnel for analysis.

Document 413-A ANNEX: SCP-413 is returned to Dr. Gibbons after finding no characteristics that threaten the Foundation other than any other firearm would.

Document 413-B: SCP-413 is confiscated again after the approval of O5-█ to treat Dr. Gibbons' shotgun as an SCP for his characteristics. Said shotgun is filed as "SCP-413" and returned to Dr. Gibbons under strict specifications to treat it as any other SCP.

Document 413-C: Dr. Gibbons has requested two (2) pills of SCP-500 for his personal medkit "In case any other dumbass excuse of a janitor decides to fuck around with my guns again". Request was sent to O5-█ personnel and then denied.

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