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Item #: SCP-414

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-414 is to be locked in the Chemical Containment Chamber (CCC) at ██████████. Clearance 2 is required for access and transport only. Clearance 3 is required for use of SCP-414.

Description: SCP-414 is a box of deluxe drawing ink of French fabrication. The box is made of larch wood, with fake gold lock. It contains forty-eight corks(48), used to hermetically close the ink bottles, forty-seven (47) ink bottles, eight (8) different calligraphic quivers and four (4) oak wood penholders.

Each and every ink bottles contain a primary element of the periodic table, in liquid form. When out of the bottles, the element stays in a liquid state, unless it leaves a two meter (2m) radius around the box. SCP-414-27 was destroyed while testing this feature. Empty bottles seems to refill whan put back in the box, at a rate of one cubic centimetre (1cc) a week.

See addendum 414 for exhaustive list of bottles.

Addendum 414:

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