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Item #: SCP-414

Object Class: Euclid

Clearance: Level 2

Description: Item is a small tack hammer. The hammer was found at 6:59 pm on Wed. April 3rd, 1985 by █████████. █████████ was exploring the catacombs underneath Paris when she came upon a gravesite with a recently mutilated explorer, who was later identified to be ████████, █████████'s husband gone missing from ███████████'s side just moments ago. The object was found in the hand of the brutalized body. The body was covered in iron pikes driven into the extremities and large gouge marks were seen on the face and neck. Infectious lacerations covered the lower half of the victim, which had been separated from the upper half.

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be submerged in liquid nitrogen locked in a chest contained in an airtight room. Upon tests the item allows the user to feel euphoria and an incessant craving for the item. If a male user is within 20 feet of unprotected airspace, the item will deafen its host and rupture vessels in the subject's ears. Obtaining the item will result in immediate death, being ripped apart and the hammer will reach into the body, devouring the subject's warmth. There is no data on why the item craves to be held, or why it hungers for heat. A breach is considered to have happened if the temperature of the chest exceeds 77.2 K. Item 414 will move towards people and/or center of heat. Patching of container must occur by a female, and must be approved with Division General.

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