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Item: SCP-415

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-415 is to be kept in human-class living quarters, with freedom of movement, although a guard by the door should note his coming and going in a log book. Requests for luxuries should be met if reasonable, provided they do not compromise Foundation security. This policy should continue as long as SCP-415 remains cooperative, as he has been voluntarily committed. Personnel interacting with SCP-415 show a particular risk of succumbing to sympathetical or emotional attachment. To avoid this, examinations and mental health sessions should be conducted frequently among such staff (as per psychological guidelines chapters 3-5). However, this need not be focussed upon preventing assisted escape attempts, unless SCP-415 becomes uncooperative.

Description: SCP-415 is a 176.9 centimeter tall Caucasian male of 36 years. He has blue eyes and brown hair (slightly receded), and at first glance appears to be a normal human. Subject exhibits an average IQ and a relatively stable personality, aside from post-traumatic stress disorder and a slight guilt-complex (see Document 415-C). He is cooperative with on-site staff, though is nervous around medical wards and people with lab coats.

SCP-415 possesses regenerative healing abilities, though only in the form of tissue and organ regrowth. This ability is most pronounced concerning his internal organs, particularly the liver, spleen, pancreas, and colon. However, his regeneration applies to all tissues and fluids in his body, including his skin, gray matter, nervous system, and skeleton. Subject can survive for long durations without large pieces of his heart or lungs, which have been shown to regrow in three months, at most. However, he is still vulnerable to sickness, radiation, and other ailments not involving direct tissue damage or blood loss.

More worthy of note, SCP-415's body has undergone several radical alterations by an unknown third party. Subject has had several zippers surgically installed on his body: One curved from his left armpit to the skin over his stomach, one centered directly over his heart, and two smaller ones, parallel to each other on his gut. In addition:

  • Most of his torso is only covered by a loose flap of skin that can be lifted at any time, and is currently pinned on by three safety pins and a sewing button.
  • He is covered in numerous scars, most which seem very old, but in some places are still unhealed. Several long lines of stitches have been done crudely with thick black thread, raising the surface of his skin by more than a centimeter in some places. One particularly noticeable stitching begins on the small of his back and continues up his side until his fourth rib, where it then passes over the neck and forks into two branches ending on the shoulders. In an accident when he was struck with some force and this stitching was severed, his entire left side ripped open and almost all his internal organs spilled out. There appears to be evidence that this stitching has been undone and resown repeatedly.
  • Attached to his spine is a small wheel that can be turned by a handle, resembling a meat grinder. When cranked, a thick gray fluid comes out of a facet connected to the device. After intense pain exhibited by SCP-413 on use, it was found that this was the bones in his spine, his nerves, and the neuron links all combined, crushed, and mixed together to resemble paste. Research into this mechanism's workings is in progress.
  • Implanted in his rib cage near the base of his ribs are metal hinges, four on each side. Investigation with x-rays leads us to believe that they were designed for a machine which would piece the skin, locking into specific notches to open his abdomen.
  • Much like the rib implants, there is a steel lining inserted in between the solid bones of the skull. If a sharp object like a scalpel or knife was slid through, and some pressure applied, the structure would allow the top of his skull to be removed.
  • The occipital bones surrounding his left eye have been crushed and remolded in a way that creates a small inward decline, allowing the removable of his eyeball by applying some leverage with a rod-like tool. This can be done without damaging the organ significantly.

Addendum 415-01: SCP-415 had been in a state of movement across the United States for approximately two and a half years, allegedly hitchhiking, staying in the wilderness, and living sporadically in small towns. Although no full record of his activities exists, information from interviews and first hand civilian reports have provided a partial travel map. He was first sighted in New England fleeing along the east coast of the US, then traveled almost directly into the heart of the Midwest before wandering in a rough circle around that area, participating in farm work and manual labor. According to SCP-415, he was running from an organization that was hunting him; presumably to sell his organs on the black market. The Foundation came in contact with SCP-415 after he turned himself in to the FBI, asking for protection from a group he seems to believe is beyond the power of normal law enforcement. An associate brought this case to the Foundation's attention, and SCP-415 accompanied agents to Site 17 with no resistance.

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