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Item #: SCP-419

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-419 is to be kept within its bespoke titanium alloy frame and attached to any accommodating wallspace. SCP-419 currently resides in the main reception of Site 33. SCP-419 must be cleaned daily with ordinary window-cleaning supplies. Any personnel tasked to maintain it must not suffer from acrophobia.

Description: SCP-419 is a large pane of reinforced glass 1.5m x 3.6m x 7.6cm in dimensions, originally situated on the sixth floor of ████ ██████ until [DATA EXPUNGED], at which point a single pane began to produce the view of a landscape that did not exist. The remaining 419 panels on-site were not affected.
The view would appear to originate from a vantage point of an estimated 400m above ground level.

Upon closer examination it has been decided that the landscape SCP-419 shows is not congruent to any known location on Earth. Whilst computer-assisted topographic imaging would make this an easy deduction, nothing that enhances vision or utilises light recognises SCP-419 as anything but a mirror, save for the human eye.
Additionally, the view is always of the landscape at night, regardless of the time it is viewed.

The view shown by SCP-419 is of a partial cityscape; range estimates of its expansion vary with the weather conditions and ambient light produced by the city itself. A multitude of neon lights and signs have been noted but they are not of any known language. The buildings themselves appear similar to those of the Victorian architectural period, but with unusual, almost imperceptible changes that make them appear warped or twisted, or occupying spaces they should not.

Note 28-12-08: Whilst this is certainly a fascinating vista to behold, be reminded that all that's separating us from it, a massive drop, and who knows what kind of atmosphere, is a piece of glass. Thick glass, but glass nonetheless. Ergo, stop trying to break the glass! I know who you are and I'd like to remind you that if I catch you trying that crap again, it'll be time for a little… sunburn.
- ████ Kulzn

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