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Item #: SCP-420

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-420 has been issued standard living quarters used for humanoids within Sector-17, with special considerations taken to account for her exceptional height and weight. Due to the potential for aggressive behavior, subject is to be kept in her quarters when not under study.

SCP-420 has requested a number of items and fixtures, detailed below.

  • Paraffin lamps to light her quarters, because the fluorescent lights "hurt my eyes" (denied; subject was shown how to adjust the lighting to more comfortable levels)
  • The library of scientific books from the original site (granted, but each book is checked thoroughly before it is given over)
  • Vanity table and mirror, with grooming implements (granted)
  • A seamstress and corsetier (specialist seamstress was denied, but efforts were made to provide her with new clothing)
  • A lady's maid (denied)
  • A live-in companion, male (denied)
  • Full access to research laboratories (pending)
  • A male human cadaver for study purposes (Subject stated a desire to make "another like me"; request denied)

Description: SCP-420 appears to be a humanoid female standing 2.3m (7'6) tall, and weighing 150 kg (330 lbs). Proportions are inconsistent with most recorded cases of acromegaly; other than her great size, the subject's proportions are consistent with those of a woman standing 1.7m (5'6) tall, and she moves with remarkable swiftness and agility. Skin is translucent and yellowish, allowing observation of the movement of muscles and tendons. Her hair is coarse and black, and appears to be confined to the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes, with no other body hair in evidence. Her eyes are pale and have been observed to glow slightly. As she has demonstrated a degree of photosensitivity, it is recommended that ambient light levels be reduced when possible.

Preliminary examinations have revealed a number of additional anomalies, such as the presence of two hearts, conjoined at the aorta, and high bone density. The latter may account for the lack of skeletal problems normally found in humanoid individuals of her height. Subject has refused to participate in a more detailed physical examination by a male researcher, stating that such a thing was "improper". SCP-420 reacts normally to injury, though she appears to have a pale, viscous fluid in place of blood. Observers note that the fluid smells "slightly foul". So far, the fluid does not match the properties of any known chemical, including blood.

SCP-420 exhibits great strength compared to standard humans, but consistent with her size and musculature.

When discovered, the subject wore well-mended clothing consistent with female German fashion of the mid-1800s. She appears to be quite intelligent; she speaks German as her primary language, and can also speak English and French. According to the dates on the notes regarding her, it appears that she is over 180 years old, but this has yet to be confirmed.

SCP-420 prefers to be called "Galatea" rather than by her SCP designation. She is highly distrustful of those she sees as medical doctors, leading to initial difficulty in completing examinations. It was discovered that her aversion seems to be directed towards the white lab coats worn by researchers during studies; her reaction is more neutral otherwise.

She appears to be at once curious and cautious of modern technology, including things invented after the recorded death of Dr. ██████████.

Note: Please do not allow her to play with the light switches anymore. I realize that it calms her while you're examining her, but it's starting to feel like a poor man's discotheque in here. - Dr. Connors

Details of Capture:
SCP-420 was discovered living in the estate of the late Dr. ██████████ in rural ███████, Germany, when surviving family members came to take account of the (presumed deserted) property. Of the three people who entered, only one managed to escape, describing a "monster" in the house. SCP agents were dispatched, wounding and sedating the subject only after she managed to kill two further people, breaking their necks with her bare hands, and took one capturing agent hostage for a brief period. The previous two victims were also discovered within, their heads twisted around 180 degrees. The surviving witness was given a Class-A amnesiac and told that the building was being quarantined indefinitely for black mold.

Within the estate, agents found an extensive library on a number of subjects, including biology and physics, none more recently published than 1832. In the basement was a laboratory, complete with archaic operating table and various surgical tools consistent with those used in the mid-1800s. A number of animal specimens were stored here, preserved in formaldehyde, including a partially dissected hind leg from a frog, connected to electrodes which caused the leg to twitch when activated.

Note: Please stop playing with the frog leg. I know it's funny to watch the female researchers scream, but just don't.

In addition to the equipment, agents found a small cache of partially destroyed notes, some of which seemed to relate to the subject herself. A separate set of notes, bound and hidden away in a cedar chest, detail the creation of SCP 420, as well as another being like her, by means of [DATA EXPUNGED]. When asked about this second creature, SCP-420 became more animated, stating that this second creature was named Adam, and that she was intended to be his mate. The location of this male creature is unknown at this time.

When questioned about Dr. ██████████, SCP-420 stated that he was her father, but became agitated when pressed for details about her childhood.

Addendum 1:

  • Interview with SCP-420 [Awaiting Security Clearance]
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