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SCP-422 in its dormant state

Item #: SCP-422

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-422 is never to be opened without O5 authorization.

Destruction order DST-422-O5-6 has been issued. Destruction of SCP-422 is classified as an URGENT level priority. Any suggestions for safe destruction of SCP-422 should be submitted to O5 oversight for approval.

SCP-422 must never been confined in any volume smaller than 1.1m X 1.1m X 1.1m for a duration greater than 63 minutes.

While inactive SCP-422 should be kept locked in its 3.0m X 3.0m X 3.0m containment chamber except to admit research personnel. Chamber is encased in 1.0m thick shielding including 13mm layer of telekill alloy. Remote monitoring, fire extinguishing system, remote auto-guns, NCB systems are to remain active and monitored at all times.

When SCP-422 enters countdown phase, facility is to move to high alert. Primary and Secondary Keter level security teams are to report to forward defense points, Tertiary team to backup point. Tactical nuclear fail-safe to be armed. 30 minutes before activation two restrained Class D personnel are to be inserted into chamber in order to observe effects from emerging artifact. If containment is deemed risky or impossible, artifact is to be destroyed immediately. If threat is deemed XK class, nuclear fail safe is to be activated.

Description: SCP-422 is a 0.5m X 0.5m X 0.5m oriental sea chest composed of laquer and an unknown metal. Symbol and patters on the door change randomly over time. When the symbol displays the character translated as "Prepare" (備), this indicates the box has entered the countdown phase. The symbol will cycle through a sequence of increasingly dire warnings in various scripts. The sequence is always the same and lasts 154 minutes. When the sequence is complete, the door opens and an artifact emerges. The door then closes until the next countdown cycle. The length of the inactive phase is random and can last anything from 72 hours to 172 days (Longest observed inactive period. That was a relaxing summer. - Dr. Jon Drake)

The emerging artifact will be of random form, with an initial size less than 0.45m X 0.45m X 0.45m, though this may rapidly increase. Most produced artifacts to date have possessed at least one attribute sufficient to classify the object as an SCP. The artifacts are frequently dangerous and often qualify as a Keter level threat.

Memo #422-AA
That's why this thing scares the shit out of me more than anything else. Damn Keters are terrifying enough, but only SCP's we have on site are things we were able to capture and bring in. You never know if the things 422 spits out are going to be completely harmless or unstoppable killing machines. And we can't stop the bloody thing from making them. If we can't destroy it somehow we may have to seriously consider shooting the bugger into space to get rid of it. - Dr. Jon Drake

All attempts to damage or destroy SCP-422 have resulted in premature activation, usually producing a Keter level threat that neutralizes the attempt as well as causing considerable collateral damage. When confined in a space smaller than 1.1m X 1.1m X 1.1m SCP-422 consistently produces an artifact after 64 minutes capable of breaching the containment. The most recent attempt resulted in a 32m crater. SCP-422 was left undamaged.

It has been theorized that SCP-422 may be the "Ur-SCP", the original source of SCP artifacts. After examination this theory has been discounted for a number of reasons:

  1. Many SCP's have known origin incompatible with production by SCP-422. (All humanoid SCP's who's biological birth has been documented for starters - Dr Jon Drake)
  2. Some SCP's have been demonstrated to have been in existence for millions of years. If SCP-422 had existed for that long at its current rate of production, there would be several million produced artifacts, many more than current field work would suggest.
  3. SCP-422 in any account appears to have been constructed within at least the last 100 years, though this estimate may be questionable.
  4. All SCP-422 artifacts are at most 0.45m X 0.45m X 0.45m when produced. Many SCP's exist which do not and cannot fit within those dimensions. (I for one am bloody glad that another SCP-682 isn't going to end up emerging from this thing. Not unless they start off really small. - Dr Jon Drake)

Another theory is that SCP-422 does not create artifacts, but only transports them from their existing position to within the box at activation. No evidence has been found to prove or disprove this theory. Any unexplained SCP disappearances from any foundation facilities should notify O5 oversight according to Foundation protocol O5-69245-(SCP-422)


Complete documentation of artifacts produced by SCP-422 can be found in report SCP-422-Log-12. Artifacts retained for study or containment are assigned their own SCP code according to usual practice. Artifacts which are successfully destroyed or which are unable to be contained are designated SCP-422-#####.

Selected examples follow:

SCP-422-00012 - Bladed Flying Orb - Neutralized
Artifact eviscerated both Class D test subjects. Destroyed via prolonged machine-gun fire from remote security systems.
2 Casualties: 2 Class D

SCP-422-00045 - Unknown Memetic Kill Artifact - Neutralized
Nature of artifact unknown. Remote observers burst before description could be provided. Class D test subjects later found to have been similarly afflicted. Remote incinerator system activated. Investigation could no trace of the artifact. Test subjects exposed to security footage similarly afflicted. All footage destroyed.
7 Casualties: 3 Class D, 4 Level-1 Observers

SCP-422-00103 - Yellow Rubber Duck - Pending
Duck itself normal in all respects. Squeezing produces a quack that causes internal hemorrhaging. Destruction delayed due to expressed possibility for weaponisation potential. Awaiting destroy/contain decision.
2 Casualties: 2 Class D
3 Injured: 1 Class D, 2 Level-1 Handlers, All recovered. Surviving Class D later terminated.

SCP-422-00121 - Spectral Head - Unable to Contain
Semi-transparent head emerged and moved forward as steady 1.2m/s. Artifact unaffected by any attempts to halt its progression. Artifact able to pass through matter without halting. All living matter passed through suffers temporary homicidal insanity. Artifact estimated to have breached atmosphere and continues traveling into space.
5 Casualties: 4 Level-3 Security, 1 Level-2 Researcher. 2 effected personnel killed 3 before being terminated
16 Injured: 8 Level-3 Security, 5 Level-2 Researchers, 3 Level-1 Observers, Injured by effected personnel. Both restrained Class D survived and recovered from insanity. Both later terminated.

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