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Item #: SCP-424-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-424-J has no need for special containment, however access is restricted to researchers only. Use of SCP-424-J is prohibited without authorization by Level 4 personnel.

Description: SCP-424-J is a metallic sphere, 25.4 centimeters around. One half of SCP-242-J is white, while the other is red. There is a small button between these halves which, when pressed, opens SCP-424-J. However, the button itself does not depress when pressed, so it is believed to be pressure sensitive.

The inside of SCP-424-J is covered with small mirrors, each being 2 centimeters by 5 centimeters. There are eighteen (18) of these mirrors. Their purpose is unknown.

When thrown at tired or distracted personnel, SCP-424-J opens and absorbs them. See File 424-J-2. Pressing the button or throwing SCP-424-J again releases the personnel contained. This has proven to work only with living subjects.

Once released, personnel exhibit high levels of aggression to other personnel. When confronted by the person who released them, they become affectionate. It is believed that these personnel are suffering Stockholm Syndrome. Once they have regained the ability to communicate, personnel questioned describe the interior of SCP-424-J as "hellish." No further questions about SCP-424-J were answered.


SCP-423-J shows high levels of aggression when confronted with SCP-424-J It is unknown as to why.

File 424-J-2

While examining the sphere, Researcher ████████ began to fall asleep.
As SCP-424-J had proven safe until then, Researcher ████ casually threw it at ███████ to wake him up. Once the button of SCP-424-J came into contact with Researcher ███████, he was quickly absorbed into it. After several weeks, another researcher threw SCP-424-J in frustration. Researcher ███████ was deposited onto the floor, looking very dazed and confused.

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