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Item #: SCP-425

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-425 is to be kept within the boundaries of Site-33 though it has free reign of the premises, high-security areas notwithstanding. At this time SCP-425 has made no concerted attempt to leave the site, thus the simple procedure of keeping all external portals closed is enough to restrain it.

Description: SCP-425 appears to be a creature of combined biological and mechanical origin, much resembling a small dog, or large lizard. Two such instances of SCP-425 were recovered during the reactivation of Site-33; SCP-425-a is the subject of this file as SCP-425-b had been long dormant upon recovery.
SCP-425 does not react well to attempts at examination thus all information gathered is from the dormant version. There appears to be little difference in physiology barring colouration; 425-a appears to have a mild bronze sheen, 425-b appeared silver.
Anatomically, SCP-425 would seem to be of simple construction, for a given value of simple; its 'skin' is an as-yet-unknown metallic alloy, resilient but not particularly noteworthy; its internal systems are harder to describe, appearing to be a translucent mesh of polymer fibre, encased in pods of a superconductive blue gel. As this material is contained within its head, body, and limbs, it is hypothesised to be a form of general-purpose neural tissue.
The joints of SCP-425 are omni-directional magnetic spheres, crafted from the same material. Spheres appear to darken in hue when active.

Whether or not the nature of this construction renders it possible for a living specimen to be dismantled and reassembled is unknown - All attempts at reanimating 425-b thus far have proved unsuccessful and 425-a reacts to perceived threat as any wild animal would; aggressively. This is, however, the only time SCP-425 shows any hostility and has otherwise been described as a particularly affectionate creature.

Should SCP-425 ever 'consent' to a full examination, it has been suggested that it be employed as a 'guard dog', pending permission from Overwatch.

Addendum: The 'skin' of SCP-425, previously described as "resilient but not particularly noteworthy", has revealed an interesting property; it seems to be subject to reversed thermal dynamics. That is, it becomes pliable and expands at low temperatures, at an average of -330°F. Naturally this would make it very difficult to smith. Conversely it appears to be particularly resistant to heat, neither expanding or contracting to any noteworthy degree.

Document 425-1: Examination

Dr Vale: "Right, there's the little bugger. You go and grab him, I'll observe."

Agent Weaver: "Yeah, you'll observe alright. You'll observe me get my guts ripped out. Look at the claws on that thing!"

Vale: "Yes, but it's friendly. Wouldn't harm a fly."

Weaver: "You don't know that. Has anyone wrestled with it yet? Has anyone tried keeping it on the floor while another bloke starts poking its nethers? No? Then you can't say it's safe, can you?"

Vale: " … just grab it, will you? Shouldn't take long, and I want my break."

Weaver: *Muttering under breath*

Weaver: "ARGH! Arghfuckfuckfuck! The fucking…! ARGH!"

Vale: "Shit!"

Note: You wouldn't poke a bear without tranquillisers, would you? Well, apparently yes, yes you would. Dr Vale has been reprimanded to maintenance duty for a fortnight, and we offer our condolences to Agent Weaver on the loss of his arm.
Nonetheless, I believe this shows the potential for SCP-425 to actually be of some use, provided we can stop it dismembering staff.
- ████ Kulzn

Additional: ██-██-████
In light of his recent disability and initial hesitation, Agent Weaver has been assigned to cultivate the trust and/or loyalty of SCP-425.

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