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Item #: SCP-426

Object Class: Euclid (disputed)

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be kept in a spherical room 50 meters in circumference and lined with North-in facing electromagnets with a strength rating of at least 2.7 metric tonnes of pull per square inch of steel. This is the minimum power level required to keep SCP-426 suspended off the ground and in the center of the chamber. No additional magnetic objects are permitted in the containment zone.
Additionally, the chamber is to be kept oxygen free and maintain an atmospheric temperature no higher than minus 175 degrees Celsius. If the chamber temperature is raised to above minus 175 degrees Celsius then liquid nitrogen is to be pumped into the chamber until cooling can be restored.
All contact with SCP-426 requires clearance level 4. All personnel in the vicinity of SCP-426 are required to wear radiation indicator badges and the area is to be evacuated should contamination levels reach higher then +27% of norm.

Description: SCP-426 was discovered in the city of Pripyat in 1991 by a research team visiting the former city. Its origins are unknown but suspected to be extra-dimensional.
Object appears to be a sphere of silvery liquid. Its diameter varies between 10 meters and 15 meters as some form of wave appears to cross the surface. Object is highly magnetic in nature and exhibits a strong enough pull to cause a mild attraction to carbon atoms at ranges less then 30 meters. SCP-426 has a mass of roughly 210 metric tonnes, and a surface tension roughly equivalent to that of modern rubbers in tensile strength. Item maintains an electrical charge of 3.24-3C via unknown means, generating a voltage of 28 megavolts between the sphere and the wall of the containment room. During a test the entire magnetic apparatus used to house SCP-426 was able to be powered by the object itself, although a surge nearly caused a containment breach and further tests have been halted as of this time.
The object appears to be extra-dimensional in nature and objects inserted into the item do not emerge as expected on the far side. In one test a 10 km long ream of carbon fiber cable was lowered into the object without it emerging on the far side. Plans to integrate SCP-426 into the national power grid were in their early phases until recent events suspended those plans indefinitely pending further study of the object. See addendum for further information.

October 4 2003 SCP-426 began exhibiting behavior indicative of intelligence. The surface area stretched itself into several long spikes which it used to impale the research team and drag them into itself. Since then 3 further incidents have been documented.
There is talk of reclassifying SCP-426 as a Keter level object.

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