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Item #: SCP-428

Object Class: Neutralized (Previous Class not defined, suspected Safe. More information in Addendum.)

Special Containment Procedures: As of yet, no special containment procedures have been set for SCP-428. Until further clearance of competent O5-█ personnel, SCP-428 shall be kept in a 30cm x 15cm x 15cm titanium security box in a common room in the unnamed sector where SCP-185 is located, until request of further researching is accepted by respective O5-█ personnel.

Description: SCP-428 was located at █████, Japan in the possession of a paranoid and schizophrenic asian female who claimed to be from the year 21██. Unfortunately, the subject was terminated by Japan Self Defense Forces after attempting take over a military emplacement in the vicinity of █████.

SCP-428 appears to be a wrist-watch round cellphone, resembling the shape of a clock, of about 5 cm in diameter with a lid containing the screen. The base of the lid contains 10 numbers going from 0 to 9 disposed in a circular fashion, with the universal "Send" and "End" buttons, left of 0 and right of 9, respectively.

Date set in the cellphone's clock is set at Dec. ██, 21██ at the time of writing. It appears to have an application installed in it, named as "Time Traveling". It is currently unknown if SCP-428 has time-traveling abilities, as further investigation is being requested.


Document 428-a: Accident A
Two days after location and retrieval of SCP-428, the event surrounding Accident 1 of SCP-185 (Further explained in Document 185-1 in the addendum of SCP-185) has damaged the device and was rendered inoperable. After failed attempts of retrieval of information, SCP-428 was marked as Neutralized.

Document 428-b: Memo by Dr. Gibbons (Personnel in charge of research of SCP-428)
If that fucking moron of ██████ would have allowed me to conduct further research of 428, we could have easily relocated the SCP in matter of hours, but NO, the asshole had to suddenly act all bureaucratic on me and the rest of the research team and put it next to a dangerous SCP that literally put a microphone next to the Big Bang! Blood will rain one of these days…

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