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"Church of the [EXPUNGED]"
Image of SCP-429 recovered from damaged file

Item #: SCP-429

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-429 must remain in its containment area at all times. Any observation must only be undertaken with the express permission of two Level 4 personnel and agent Kulzn.
The containment unit itself is approximately 3.7m³, the walls are of thickness 45cm. The interior of the containment unit has been coated with an unknown compound that reflects almost 100% of the energy output of SCP-429; however, without a constant supply of power the containment would be breached within approximately 30 hours, therefore it has been patched into the National Grid and allowed to siphon power as and when it is needed. The unit converts the power drained into a mechanical regenerative ability, repairing the unit and thereby keeping SCP-429 contained.
SCP-429 must be maintained as close to current containment conditions as possible; whilst slight deviations are tolerable they should not be considered acceptable. Should containment fail there are no known methods of re-acquisition at this time.

Description: Discovered in [REDACTED], United Kingdom, ████ by [REDACTED], SCP-429's containment facility is housed underneath the "Church of the [EXPUNGED]", built sometime in the 18th Century. Paradoxically the containment facility underneath technologically surpasses that of the present-day.

Two openings similar to serving hatches are placed on the southern and western walls of the containment unit, respectively. There is also a large door at the south-east corner. None of these are to be opened at any time without explicit orders from two Level 4 personnel, agent Kulzn, and a recontainment stratagem in place. Any personnel attempting to do so will be terminated.

SCP-429 is by all accounts similar in shape and proportion to a humanoid male, though no features are apparent. Beyond this, very little is known although given the length of its suggested containment, it would not appear to age at the average human rate, if at all.
When first discovered SCP-429 was motionless in the centre of the unit. Upon primary examination it appeared luminescent and exuded a tolerable warmth. However, following the deaths of Dr. Walker's research team, and later the events of Site 33, it is surmised that SCP-429 had been dormant, reactivating or re-awakening once contact had been resumed.

SCP-429 is seemingly capable of emitting 380x1024 watts of light and associated heat, though it appears capable of regulating its capacities as and when it requires. Any attempts at negotiation have been met with hostility, and communication seems unlikely.

Guards are to be kept on-site at all times to prevent wayward travellers and personnel trying to interfere with SCP-429 or its containment. The "Church of the [EXPUNGED]" has been deconsecrated, renovated, and appropriated as living quarters for a select few members of Site 33 staff.

This report is a replacement for the original file, which became heavily corrupted during the [DATA REDACTED]. It was determined that flaws in the initial research, and subsequent creation of procedure, were largely to blame, though a human element has been identified. At present we cannot rule out sabotage, hence the rather heavy-handed security arrangements. Remember that this is for your own protection.
- Agent Kulzn

Date: 08-██-████
Memo to: All personnel residing at 33-C

If you feel you are becoming negatively affected by the ruminations of SCP-429, the facility has become available to request sleeping aids and noise suppressants, replete with a fresh batch of psychological evaluations. Any such requests are to be forwarded to Requisitions.

Date: 28-██-████
Memo to: All personnel residing at 33-C

We are not in a position to blanket the entire building in white noise generators. This and equally outlandish requests will be met with scorn, derision, and a week of standard maintenance duties if you cannot validate your claims with cogent arguments.

Interaction Log

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