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Item #: SCP-4290

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-4290-1 is to be kept in a lead case at all times when not currently undergoing experiments. The lead case must be 10 centimeters in thickness, with the inside and outside both painted solid yellow. Level 2 personnel who wish to experiment with the device must first undergo a polygraph test and two weeks of psychological evaluation.
Item SCP-4290-2 is to be kept in the same vault, encased in a large lead box 10 centimeters in thickness.

Description: SCP-4290-1 and SCP-4290-2 were discovered by Colonel ███ ██████, during an accident involving a flight simulator. The devices were found in the hands of an alien humanoid, who claimed it was meant for Colonel ██████. The alien died at the scene, his body and spacecraft were both taken into custody. The spacecraft was later determined to be nothing more than a landing module, and SCP-4290-1 provided all propulsion, navigation, communication, and shielding during flight. Colonel ██████ quickly became obsessed with the object, demanding to be allowed to use it. He was terminated, and the object brought to Site 19.

SCP-4290-1 is a small green ring with an insignia in the vague shape of a lantern embossed onto it. The ring's makeup is indeterminable, though it resembles jade in appearance and steel in density and texture. When worn, the ring glows, flares of a yet-to-be-identified energy radiating from it. The energy seems to have some kinetic force, though insufficient to perform any tasks.

SCP-4290-2 is a metal lantern of a style resembling those used by early 20th century railroad workers. It's approximately 61 centimeters (2 feet) in height, 25 centimeters wide at the base and top. The hole for the lantern to be lit is empty and no source of illumination rests inside.

Personnel who have experimented with SCP-4290-1 have given mixed reviews of their experiences. Most gain a sense of "wrongness", as though the ring was trying to draw out of them something they did not have. Others state that by concentrating their willpower into the ring, they received a vague sense that it should be placed into SCP-4290-2 and that an activation code should be spoken into the device.

One Class D subject, a former social worker named ███ ████████, actually managed to provoke a response from the ring, lines of green energy quickly seizing his body. He demanded to be allowed access to SCP-4290-2, which was granted. When he placed the ring into the device, he quickly spoke a mantra he later claimed to have made up on the spot (See: Document 1E-4290). SCP-4290-1 began to spark and flare in his hand, and security personnel quickly attempted to terminate ███ ████████, only to find firearms ineffective. The green lines of energy began to form a form-fitting suit of black-and-green design over his body, but before it went any further one security member hit him in the head with a night stick that had recently been turned yellow as a result of inappropriate toying with SCP-050. The yellow wooden stick penetrated the green energy field surrounding ███ ████████, and he was knocked unconscious.

After he was debriefed and terminated, the lead cases of both SCP-4290-1 and SCP-4290-2 were painted yellow. The ring glowed bright green for 24 hours after the incident with ███ ████████, after which it self-extinguished.

Addendum: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see document #1E-4290

Another Class D subject, ████ ██████ was allowed to expiriment with SCP-4290-1 for further research purposes. ████ ██████ was able to recite the same activation code as ███ ████████ without it's existance being revealed to him. The subject was able to over come the yellow containment field placed in the test chamber and escape with SCP-4290-1 and SCP-4290-2. Global satalites quickly lost ████ ██████ as the subject appeared to leave earth orbit. Many SCP satellites were used for months after the incident in an atempt to find the radiation signature of the activated SCP-4290-1, and the signature was finaly detected one month later. Subject ████ ██████ had returned to his former residence, and was quickly terminated.

After incident with ████ ██████, no SCP personel are allowed ussage of SCP-4290-1. SCP-4290-2 has been deemed safe for experimental purpouses and poses no threat without usage with SCP-4290-1.

Document #1E-4290: Excerpt from interview with Class D Subject ███ ████████.

Dr.██████: Could you clarify some things about what happened in the chamber?
███ ████████: What can I say, I put the ring on, I felt it tugging around in my head, an' I showed it who
was boss. Not my fault your cronies haven't been able to get it to do that.
Dr.██████: Specifically, can you tell me what it was you said when you placed the ring into the lantern?
I'd never heard that before, is it a poem?
███ ████████: Ah… nah… I dunno what it was, it just came to me, like it was supposed to be said. I
dunno, maybe that's how poetry works or somethin'.
Dr.██████: Could you repeat it for me now, ███?
███ ████████: *subject sighs* Fine. "In brightest day; In blackest night; No evil shall escape my sight;
Let those who worship evil's might; Beware my power, [DATA EXPUNGED]."
Dr.██████: And can you tell me what it means, ███?
███ ████████: Hey, bald guy, I don't know ████, I don't say ████.

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