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Item #: SCP-432

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-432 is to remain in a locked container at all times. Personnel are permitted to enter the container one at a time during the following intervals - 0732-0813, 1012-1017, 1237-1345, 1815-1816, 2328-2359. At no other time are any personnel permitted entrance; failure to comply will result in immediate termination if the violation does not result in either madness or death.

All personnel entering the container must maintain the following protocol:

  1. A helmet with a blacked out visor must be worn; this helmet will be official issue. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination if the violation does not result in either madness or death.
  2. All instruments and clothing that enter the container must be destroyed upon completion of work; failure to comply will result in immediate termination and severe criminal charges if any negligence is found.
  3. The container must be secured and externally monitored for any abnormalities by a second, trained staff member with SCL of at least level 2.
  4. If any abnormalities are detected, the observing staff member must notify the commanding officer and not unlock the container under any circumstance. Class 4 containment protocol should be followed at all times.

Data harvesting must only occur during the interval of 1237-1345. All other intervals are too short to obtain any meaningful information and should only be used to monitor for noticeable changes in the environment or the object. Any data gathered during any other interval should be immediately discarded as it has proven to be inaccurate.

The container must be kept under constant video and audio surveillance to confirm stasis in the environment and to prevent unauthorized access.

Description: Moved to site Alpha 45B. SCP-432 is of indeterminate origin and size. It is unclear whether or not the object is hostile. All attempts to videotape, photograph or otherwise analyze the object have returned conflicting data. Current reports show that its texture appears to be a mixture of wood, flesh and concrete, is roughly circular, malleable and hot to the touch.

The object appears to desire the gaze of any and all creatures that enter the container. Outside of the prescribed intervals, it is able to coerce any living being to look at it through some method of subliminal communication. No animal or human that has entered the container outside of these intervals has survived. During the intervals, no suggestion appears to be present, but the visor appears to be necessary to limit any temptation or accident. Any traces of the object left on any instrument have the same deleterious effect as the object itself, so any instrument or piece of clothing used in analysis must be destroyed upon exit. A medical examination to determine sanity is mandatory for all personnel who come into contact with the object.

Any personnel who look at SCP-432 or its residue develop the following series of symptoms:

1-3 seconds of exposure, shouts of ecstasy and prophecy

4-7 seconds, a declaration about the nature of the godhead

8-10 seconds, a scream of pain

10-15 seconds, a flow of blood from the ears and eyes

16-24 seconds, stroke followed by death

No personnel recovered from the container after this brief exposure have been found sane during the required medical examination. All have requested to look at the object again. Under no circumstance should they be admitted entrance to the container.

Examination of the brains of the deceased have found massive damage to the occipital and temporal lobes.


All declarations made regarding the future have proved correct and have proven to be an invaluable resource in our current campaigns; if an expendable unit will enter the container, damage his visor beforehand.

In the event of severe crisis involving other SCP objects Protocol 432-K, involving deliberate exposure of Class D personnel to SCP-432, may be authorized in the hope that their declarations will assist in containment. Knowledge of this Protocol's existence is restricted to Level 4 Personnel, knowledge of detailed implementation and the authority to approve such implementation is restricted to O5 personnel.

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