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Item #: SCP-433

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-433 is to be kept under 7.8 tons of loose soil, to be warmed to 30-40 degrees C (85-105 degrees F). The area above this tank is to be dimly lit, with several thermal imaging cameras placed around the enclosure. These thermal imaging cameras are to be used to aid in removing SCP-433 from the soil for testing or other purposes.

During soil replacement or at any other time the subject needs be moved, at least two class D personnel should be sent into SCP-433’s enclosure. The SCP will immediately select one of the class D recruits to attack, the second class D recruit should then try to overpower SCP-433’s victim, whilst a level 2 operative will proceed to enter and inject SCP-433 with 4 grams diacetylmorphine (heroin). 433’s victim should immediately be removed for testing, and the second class D recruit terminated. SCP-433 should then be transferred rapidly to a confusion room (SCP-433’s tolerance for heroin fluctuates, and hence the amount of time it is incapacitated is not always determinable), the confusion room should contain high numbers of strobe lights, and loud discordant music, or other devices placed as to disrupt SCP-433 concentration.

Should this task be compromised, all class D personnel involved are to be destroyed, and the level 2 operative to undergo various psychological testing.

Description: SCP-433 is roughly 1.2m (4ft) tall, with red/pink skin, and very frail. Under harsh lighting conditions, the subject appears partially transparent, although is still completely solid.

SCP-433 will engage its prey using an as-yet unknown method (presumed telepathy). After engaging someone, SCP-433 will be incapacitated for 20/30 seconds. Anyone engaged by the subject will behave extremely aggressively towards anyone and anything for 10 to 20 minutes, after which the victim’s mind is ‘inverted’. Any personnel having suffered this should be tested thoroughly, and detained for one month, after which, they are to be terminated (aside from various test subjects).

SCP-433 was first discovered in Choquequirao, Peru, by Hiram Bingham, in 1909.

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