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Item #: SCP-441

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject SCP-441 must at all times be stored in a room without reflective surfaces. The walls of this room should be no less than 3.05m (10ft) thick, preferably reinforced concrete. Due to the perceived potentially hazardous nature of Subject #441, no personnel with less than level 3 clearance are to access its containment chamber and with in groups of no less than five. Protective visors, ID tags and all reflective items are to be removed before entering the containment cell.

Description: SCP-441 appears to be an intelligent silicon based life form, a "living statue", so to speak. Roughly humanoid in form, it is 2.5 meters tall and dark-grey in appearance. It is animate and displays occasional signs of sentience, though it has yet to physically, verbally or symbolically respond to any attempts at communication beyond turning to focus upon the source of the communication.

Subject #441 is tame and docile the majority of the time. It does not object to attempts to touch it. However, if at any point it catches even the slightest glimpse of itself in a reflective surface, it flies into a destructive rage, displaying terrifying strength and speed. How Subject "sees" its reflection, given that it has no eyes or other visual facilities that are observable, is still unknown. Tests have yet to determine why it becomes so enraged upon sight of itself.
Dr. █████ has theorized that it is territorial involving all others of it's kind, and mistakes mirrors as another of its kind. This theory has not been proven because testing such a thing could send it into another fit of rage, possibly destroying the facility.

Origin: Found in Prague, surrounded by broken glass.

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