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Item #: SCP-442

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-442's precise location is not to be disclosed to any personnel without security clearance of Level 3 or higher. No samples of SCP-272 are to be removed from a three mile radius of SCP-442 Due to the current position of SCP-272, this task is now physically impossible in any case.

Description: SCP-442 is a large avian creature of skeletal build and unknown origin. Creature has displayed intelligence varying between slightly above and slightly below average. Creature is capable of speech, though results seem strained. Creature answers to "No," but will respond similarly to its SCP designation.

The SCP's main body shifts in color between pale green-yellow and deep violet apparently based upon the level of ambient light in the immediate vicinity. The SCP appears to be capable of altering its consistency between a that of a solid with a Mohs hardness scale rating of 9.6 and that of █████████. Basic shape is maintained regardless of consistency. This change is a conscious alteration, and no one consistency appears to be the default. Physical testing is the only known way of determining if a phase shift has occurred.

The other part of interest is the SCP's "cloak," hereafter termed SCP-442-1. SCP-442-1 appears to be composed of an oily, rubbery material. In addition to apparently possessing consistency-altering abilities similar to those of the main body, this substance is highly elastic and possesses extremely high tensile strength — with SCP-442's permission, a distance of approximately six-hundred meters before running into the testing area was encountered; a further eight meters were added to this distance with the aid of a ladder.

SCP-442-1 appears to be composed of a substance similar to a highly regulated growth of SCP-272, with protrusions interlocking in a rigidly defined width — stretching of the material does not cause any thinning of a "sheet" of the material. However, unlike SCP-272, these protrusions will not attempt to penetrate other matter in order to interlock with each other.

As of its use in the containment of SCP-272 (See Incident Report 442-1/272), SCP-442-1 occasionally bulges spherically in a random spherical region of the material. Stretching the material causes the bulging region to flatten with a sound similar to ripping cloth. When asked about these bulges, SCP-442 simply said, "██████ ███████" and changed the subject. When pressed, SCP-442 refused to speak and altered its consistency to the lowest yet recorded (objects passing through the SCP encountered less resistance than they did passing through the surrounding air) for approximately twenty minutes, returning to a tangible consistency only after coaxing from ██████.

Addendum: Requests to reclassify SCP-442 as Euclid/Keter following Incident 442-1/272 are under review.

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