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Item #: SCP-445

Object Class: Euclid.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-445 is currently at site 17, and currently resides in a 6mx8m room, and kept at a warm temperature. 56 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal, although all change to change the temperature should be marked and made noted to personal in charge of her oversight. Electronic items should be examined and approved individually before being used, for SCP-445 may shorten out electronic equipment.

A large markerboard is recommended to help her recover her memory, and one marker and one marker pad to clean the board is recommended once the data has been written down.

Description: SCP-591 is a female with dark hair, light brown skin and dark brown eyes. Launa has a large scar to the left of her stomach, and she isn't sure how she acquired the scar. Her height is precisely seven feet tall, and she is somewhat underfed for her height. SCP-501 is about 19 years old, and dental have confirmed her age.

X-ray examination of her body reveals that her left arm is a cybernetic enhancement with various wires between the metal base of the arm and the synthetic skin, and SCP-501 has a harness over the opposite shoulder. The left arm has a combination of a harness and pulley and cybernetic wiring in the arm. It is hypothesized that the arm is a prototype, and it may be a attempt at integrating artificial intelligence and old fashioned technology into one arm. SCP-501 has commented that she has no recollection of losing the arm, and the cybernetic arm seems to be with a damaged box on the left, with a small speaker which may have been for the AI to speak out of.

It is highly recommended that the arm would be removed before testing with magnetics in order to keep all individuals involved in the testing from being killed.

SCP-501 has stated that her name is Launa Remora Plowskiwitz, and Launa has stated that "Launa has no objection with being called a number and a acronym". Launa is a sentient SCP, and the reason for this lack of preference or the third person self reference is unknown for now. Due to some paranoid tendencies and a tendency to avoid social situations with others, it is recommended for a level 2 psychologist to schedule regular visits. She has endured a lightning strike, and she has a crippling fear of technology and lightning.

SCP-445 has made several claims and references toward other SCPs, including a possible reference to SCP-808, a future where SCP-501's mother died protecting her, SCP-43 with wires coming from behind the back, SCP-182 and information on mind reading abilities and a detailed chart of the timeline of [DATA EXPUNGED]

When vocal commands are said aloud to SCP-501, her voice deepens and she carries out the command. (See addendum 01) SCP-501 has attempted to kill three class D personnel from a vocal kill command issued by one of the personnel, and had been disabled with a tranquilizer to the neck.

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