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Item #: SCP-446

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A special freezer room was constructed for this very subject. The freezer constructed has been modified to bring the temperature down as low as -200 Degrees Celsius. The walls are built with strong steel, lined on the outside with insulator, so the cold doesn't escape from the room. Subject must be kept in the room. The temperature must be below 0 Degrees Celsius. If the freezer system malfunctions, the subject must be transferred to the frozen storage room until the special freezer room is fixed.

Description: SCP-446 is a female subject, around the age of 15. She was found on Mount ███████, in the remote area of ██████. The subject has an extreme resistance to the cold. One experiment involved pouring liquid nitrogen down her throat. It had no effect of freezing her at all. The subject does have severe intolerance to heat. The higher the temperature heads to 0 Degrees Celsius, the more agitated she acts. Judging by the way she reacts to heat, anything above 0 Degrees Celsius could potentially kill her. That being said, she must be held in a room that is at least lower than 0 Degrees Celsius. It is allowed for personnel to lower the temperature in the room to her liking.

Experiment Log:

Experiment 1, held on ██/██/████:
Preparations: Cup consisting of 30 Milli-liters of Liquid Nitrogen.
We told her to swallow the liquid nitrogen. As we had previously thought, the liquid nitrogen had no effects on her body what-so-ever.

Experiment 2, held on ██/██/████:
Preparations: 2 cups filled with Water and anti-freeze.
We asked her to touch the contents in the 2 cups. The contents froze as soon as she touched them.

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