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Item #: SCP-449

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject SCP-449 is to be contained within a lead room of walls measuring no less than 12.7cm (5in) thick. The orb itself is to be approached at great caution and should not be considered safe. Specially designed radiation resistant suits are to be worn when in the vicinity of SCP-449. The orb should remain at a constant temperature of no less than 35°C and preferably kept above 100°C. SCP-449 should NOT under any circumstances be handled by one sole individual. In the event of this breach of code, the perpetrator shall be killed on site by any means necessary. In the event of a crack or break in the orb, the facility and all faculty on the premises at the time of breach shall be obliterated by temperatures no less than 174°C

Description: SCP-449 was discovered in a remote region of an undisclosed body of water in September of 19██. The object is of perfect geometrical sphere that is tinted purple. It is made of an unknown glass that is translucent. It is to be noted that a smoky gaseous substance is seen wafting inside of the orb, but the cause of movement is unknown. Those who have been in the vicinity of SCP-449 without proper safety suits have been noted to have a sharp increase in intellect and a massive increase in previous inactive brain cellular function. This includes but is not limited to areas suggesting astral projection, umbrakinesis and/or lumokinesis. Persons observed to handle SCP-449 on their own have been shown to have noticeable mood swings and an obvious reluctance to disengage from the object.

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