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Item #: SCP-451

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-451 is to be kept in a standard 3mx3m concrete room. No paper, alcohol, wood or anything with an ignition temperature at or below 232.7 degrees Celsius (451 degrees Fahrenheit) is to be allowed in the room at any time. Personnel having ingested any amount of alcohol within the last 24 hours are not to be permitted to come within 7.6m (25ft) of SCP-451, even if SCP-451 is inside its containment cell. Personnel that have applied any sort of skin lotion or cologne within the last 24 hours should also be kept more than 7.6m (25ft) from SCP-451. Personnel entering the cell, or attempting to study or use SCP-451 should wear fire resistant clothing. SCP-451 should be ignited at least once every 33 days.

Description: SCP-451 appears to be a standard wood match. The object is apparently made of simple pine with a standard wax/sulfur match head. If the head make contact with any surface, SCP-451 will ignite. It will burn at a temperature of 1833 degrees Celsius (3333 degrees Fahrenheit), far higher than that of a standard match. SCP-451 will continue to burn for 33 seconds before extinguishing itself. The instant SCP-451 extinguishes itself, it will revert back to its state before ignition, and can immediately be ignited again. SCP-451 will burn under any circumstance. Tests have been made where SCP-451 was ignited in a complete vacuum, under water, and buried in sand. SCP-451 burned for 33 seconds and 3333 degrees Fahrenheit as always. While burning, no means known to us can extinguish it. If more than 33 days pass without SCP-451 being ignited, it will ignite itself. During these times, anything flammable within 30.5m (100ft) will begin to smolder. If any of these items fully ignite, they cannot be extinguished until SCP-451 extinguishes itself. After that time, the objects can be extinguished by any normal means.

Addendum 7623-43: SCP-649 introduced to SCP-451's containment cell and opened. SCP-649's abilities did not manifest, however, risk of leaving SCP-451 unattended is too great to test without precautions. Testing to see if neutralization works in both ways will be done at a later time.

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