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Item #: SCP-452

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-452 is located in a large cavern on the island of ██████. Due to its nature, it cannot be moved to a more secure location. The hillside containing the entrance to the cavern has been acquired, and a small facility built over the entrance. The entrance is to be sealed at all times with a 15cm thick titanium door. No less than three armed class-D personnel are to be standing watch over the door at all times. Guards should spend no more than six (6) hours per 24 hour period on duty. Any living organism attempting to access the cavern without the sanction of at least two level 4 command personnel is to be terminated.

Two gun-turrets are to be trained on the door to the cavern at all times. Any attempt by any or all guards to open the door is to be stopped immediately and lethally. If the door is opened, for whatever reason, then no less than six class-D personnel fully equipped with hazmat suits and shotguns should be employed to reseal the door. Once the door is sealed, then the surviving members of the hazmat team should be terminated by the turrets, and new guards deployed.

Description: The entrance to the cavern is a small tunnel 2 metres tall by 2 metres wide. It opens out into a large cavern, a rough cube measuring 20mx20mx20m. As the cavern is approached, a hum of noise can be detected, and occasional cries of pain can be heard. The walls and ceiling of the cavern appear to be constructed of solid rock, dotted with natural projections, until within approximately 30cm of a surface. Once within this distance, an observer discovers that the surfaces are comprised of living flesh and bodyparts, with arms and other limbs reaching outwards. Various organs and faces can be discerned within the masses of tissue, and all seem to be in various degrees of suffering. When this close, an observer can pick out distinct moans and cries from the general buzz in the cave.

If an organism ventures close enough to part of SCP-452, then the extended limbs will grasp the lifeform, and hold it against the flesh. When this happens, the organism is absorbed into the wall over a period of approximately three hours. The process appears to be extremely painful, and the victim retains full conciousness until full absorbtion. The only remaining trace of the victim will be its face, protruding from the surface of SCP-452, and adding its cries to those around it.

Addendum 452-a:

SCP-452 is capable of low-level telepathic ability. Within a short range, it is able to convince lifeforms to approach it. The rate at which it gains a foothold in its victim's minds depends on the species. With humans, the effect takes around seven (7) hours to manifest fully.

Addendum 452-b:

SCP-452 has been shown to be sentient. Upon entry of a drone equipped with camera and recording apparatus, several of its mouths began to speak. The full transcript of the subsequent conversation can be found in Document #452-1.

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