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Item #: SCP-453

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: There are no Special Containment Procedures for SCP-453. However, it is advised to keep object away from basketball hoops in order to prevent the SCP being triggered unintentionally. It is currently kept in the Third Floor of Sector 47, inside a cilindrical wooden basket of 40 cm of diameter and 75 cm of height.

Description: SCP-453 is a standard basketball with size, texture and color matching the specifications stated by the NBA regulation team. It has the same physical properties as any other normal basketball, but when inserted in a basketball hoop from above, Earth's gravitational pull ceases to function within a rectangle of 16.30 x 31.30 meters, which happens to be the official dimensions of a basketball court. Momentum remains as it was before inserting the ball through the hoop. The lack of gravity does not act for players that were in the rectangle where SCP-453's effect takes place into, and then leave it: Anybody who is under the effect of ingravity will be pulled by Earth's gravitational force as soon as they leave the aforementioned rectangle. Effect remains operational until the basketball is inserted again into the hoop that was first inserted. Conditions of ingravity have not been tested in heavenly bodies outside of planet Earth.

After testing, it has been proven that SCP-453 does not deflate overtime.

SCP-453 was found by Agent ████, in a basketball court located in Chicago, US, where all basketball players were playing with no gravitation effects. Agent ████ proceeded to confiscate the ball and handed it to competent personnel for research and experimentation.

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