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Item #: SCP-456

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-456 is to be kept on a designated memory storage device at least 2GB in capacity. Memory storage devices containing SCP-456 are not to be taken off of site-██. Staff working with SCP-456 must undergo full strip search when they enter and leave SCP-456's containment. Computers containing SCP-456 may not be equipped with modems or any other device that facilitates connections to other computers. SCP-456 must contained on a minimum of six memory storage devices and backups are stored at site-██ and site-██ to ensure that SCP-456 is not lost. The computer terminals in SCP-456's containment area are not connected to any network outside of the containment area. SCP-456's containment area is shielded to prevent wireless signals from entering or leaving the containment area.

Description: SCP-456 is an executable file titled "Early Detection System", designed for use with a Microsoft Windows operating system, approximately 1.6 GB in size. When a user executes the file, they are prompted with a screen requesting a live input from a digital video camera. When a feed is provided, SCP-456 begins to display the feed at a faster pace than the video is physically being supplied: up to speeds of 4x real time. SCP-456 will normally run at faster than 1x speed until it reaches ten minutes ahead of the initial feed, at which point it will then return to 1x speed. Effectively, SCP-456 predicts what a video camera will see ten minutes before it happens.

SCP-456 has a limitation. SCP-456 refuses to display more than a fraction of a second beyond the present when observing a person who is aware of SCP-456's observation of them. The same occurs if someone witnessing SCP-456 tries to influence what is being recorded. This limitation is most likely due to the fact that someone observing the feed effectively creates a causal loop because they are being influenced by events that have not yet occurred.

SCP-456 was found in a biological research laboratory in ███████ owned by one Dr. ███. The Foundation discovered the program when investigating Dr. ███ on an unrelated issue. SCP-456 was found on a laptop connected to a digital video camera pointed at a badly abused iron caged with blood stains on it. Because Dr. ███ had fled before investigators arrived, what SCP-456 was being used for or how he acquired it is unknown. Attempts to discover how SCP-456 works have been unsuccessful. Attempt to debug it or analyze it have failed as well due to some sort of encryption. SCP-456 was taken to site-██ for research and was given a safe classification.

Addendum: Dr. ███ is still being sought in connection with SCP-456 as he may have valuable knowledge relating to it. This is all secondary to his involvement in [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum: SCP-456 has many practical uses when it comes to containment of other SCPs. It is under consideration whether we test it with other SCPs. One foreseeable concern with this is the possibility that SCP-456 could breach containment with wider use due to its nature. We don’t want a repeat of incident 0044M.

Addendum: Dr. ███ has been apprehended by the Foundation.

Incident 0044M: It has been discovered that Agent ██████ who was responsible for finding SCP-456 kept an unauthorized copy of SCP-456 which he used for illicit gains in gambling. This came to the attention of local law enforcement, and then the Foundation, when he became unusually lucky with the game Keno. Agent ██████ was apprehended along with a small laptop containing SCP-456 and thoroughly interrogated to ensure that no other copy of SCP-456 existed. Agent ██████ was subsequently terminated.

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