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SCP-462 - Note the small sonic emitters visible on the ends

Item #: SCP-462

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-462 should never be activated within 100 meters of a Foundation site, under any circumstances. Field agents assigned to carry SCP-462 should keep it in a clearly labeled glasses case, and be fitted with life sensors and remote detonators used to incinerate SCP-462 in case of compromise. Unnecessary or accidental use of SCP-462 will result in a reprimand and possible termination, due to the resulting cleanup, cover-up, and probable civilian casualties.

Description: SCP-462 is a set of black, rimless sunglasses fitted for a man of average build. When found, a piece of tape with the letters "mi6" made with a civilian labelmaker was found on the left lens, since removed. Nothing is unusual about the lenses, but SCP-462 will not function without two light-reducing lenses fitted to the complete frame.

The legs of SCP-462 are lined with several sonic emitters with an unknown power source. When SCP-462 is donned, these emitters activate, sending a hyper-compressed shockwave directly behind the user. This wave is compressed enough to harmlessly pass through most materials, and normally dissipates after about 60 meters. However, if it passes through a thick, flat surface into a space with different air conditions than its point of emission, such as a building or closed vehicle, it decompresses into a wave capable of facilitating the ignition of oxygen. The decompressed wave reflects and scatters off most surfaces, and dissipates upon encountering significantly different air conditions, or after traveling approximately 500 meters total.

The functional result is that the nearest structure or vehicle directly behind the user's head experiences a relatively contained explosion. Additionally, when the shockwave decompresses, it sends a slower wave back to the user which largely shields him from the ensuing explosion, given enough distance. Afterwards, SCP-462 will not function for approximately 52 hours, though casual wear of the object is not recommended during this period.

Addendum 462-a:
SCP-462 was recovered in 19██ from a badly-charred civilian corpse, found directly outside a door of a [REDACTED] building in ███, ██████. Analysis showed that the user was too close to the blast for SCP-462's effect to shield him. The incident was covered up as an act of terrorism.

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