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Item #: SCP-463

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-463 is held at Site ██. Relocated after compromise of New York site in 2001. See document G-47 for manifest of relocations. Prior containment procedures of SCP-463 are maintained. Object SCP-463 kept under surveillance and security by plainclothes agents of at least Security Clearance Level 2 and a Myers-Kaufman Index of 4.5 or higher.

If any attempt is made to retrieve SCP-463 from its enclosure, detain and harass. If detained subject is discovered to know the nature of SCP-463, proceed with termination protocols. As of the creation of this report, it is known that no intelligence about the existence of SCP-463 exists besides this document.

Description: SCP-463 appears to be a 1973 American penny. Analysis has shown that it is composed of an unknown alloy 1.5 times more dense than a standard penny of the same year.

SCP-463 is heavily scratched, tarnished, and corroded; but appears to be indestructible in Kranzinsky Tests. Any damage inflicted is slowly repaired while object is not under direct observation.

Immediate objects and lifeforms surrounding SCP-463 increase in performance, durability, and ability in subtle and varied manners. Agents transporting SCP-463 have reported experiences ranging from "feelings of peace and goodwill" to "escaping certain death" (Reports ███████████ through ██████████). Subjects knowing the true nature of SCP-463 did not receive these benefits, and in many cases an opposite outcome occurred.

These effects grow more noticeable and powerful over time. Source of SCP-463 was a model of health and could not be separated from SCP-463 without the aide of several outside sources.

Additional notes:
Current containment location trials successful as hypothesized. Every company residing in the site continues to report increasingly successful numbers. Workers in the building have lower rates of illness than average, and report a higher percentage of satisfaction with life than average. Agents having accessed information about SCP-463 at site report no significant changes.

Addendum 463-BD: Upon request of O5-1, in order to facilitate the retrieval of ████████████, SCP-463 was 'issued' to agent ██████████████ by inserting it into the bottom of his shoe. While ████████████ was retrieved, all of the agents and personnel involved in its capture and relocation to Site 19 were wounded, some fatally, except for agent ██████████████. Now any agent attempting retrieval of a Keter class object is advised to be issued SCP-463, as long as they remain unaware of its abilities.

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