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Item #: SCP-464

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-464 is not dangerous. However, as it is too large to move, a warehouse has been built around it for security purposes. SCP-464 is to be fully staffed by a rotating guard compliment of seven, to keep out the curious. Access to SCP-464 is provided via underground tunnel, [DATA EXPUNGED].


SCP-464 is a large building, located in the middle of a forest near ███████████, ████. The building consists of 5 rooms, 4 of which take up 90% of the building and are of approximately equal size. The fifth room is far smaller, and in the center of the others, appearing to be a sort of control room.

Rooms 1-3 are all factory floors, each with 5 large machines in them. These machines are identical copies of one another, and indeed Rooms 1-3 are identical. Room 4 has been cleaned up since it was first discovered. When found, it had a very large pile of dismantled and destroyed parts of machinery, as well as various decapitated animal and human parts. The animal parts are not identifiable as belonging to any known species. On top of the pile was sitting [DATA EXPUNGED]. This has since been classified as SCP-464-1. 464-1 was deemed unsafe to keep and thus was destroyed, resulting in an acceptable level of casualties. The animal parts, as well as all destroyed machinery, are currently under study.

Room 5 has a wide variety of controls. A large ON/OFF button toggles on a building-wide intercom system. There are 16 panels. The first 15 are identical, and correspond to the 15 intact machines.

The first 15 panels contain the following:

  • A label indicating panel number (1-15).
  • 1 switch labeled ON/OFF.
  • 1 switch labeled Male/Female.
  • 1 dial including most races on the earth along with "Paradisian" and "Gray."
  • 1 dial, starting at 0 and ending at 75.
  • 1 dial, starting at 76 and ending at 150.

The 16th panel, however, has the following:

  • A label indicating panel number (16).
  • 1 switch labeled ON/OFF.
  • 1 switch labeled Male/Female.
  • 1 dial with dashes labeled as months, ending at 600 months.
  • 1 dial labeled Mental, ranging from 1 to 10,000.
  • 1 dial labeled Physical, ranging from 1 to 10,000.
  • 1 dial labeled Social, ranging from 1 to 10,000.

When SCP 464 was found, Mental, Physical, and Social were all near the 10,000 mark.

The machines in rooms 1 through 3 all seem to be connected to the first 15 panels. When a panel is turned on, the corresponding machine activates, and began creating humans. The settings "Male/Asian/0/76" resulted in newborn asian males, normal except for a tattoo near the base of the spine showing [DATA EXPUNGED]. The significance of the second dial (76) was not initially known. Later tests (on settings "Male/Caucasian/75/76") seem to show that the date signifies the age at which the produced humans will die of organ failure.

Dissection of these machines indicates that manufactured humans are not created in a manner similar to cloning, or for that matter birth. Rather, the machines seem to create each body part individually, in an inactive state. They are then assembled and activated, through unknown means. Though these machines may be repaired with standardized parts, replication has as-of-yet failed.

Panel 16 appears nonfunctional. It is likely that it was previously connected to something in Room 4.

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