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SCP-465 without sun shade

Item #: SCP-465

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-465 has no means of self-locomotion or malevolent intent. Minimal containment is recommended.

SCP-465 is only to be used by D-Class personnel under the direct supervision of armed Agents and Security Officers, unless in an emergency.

Description: SCP-465 superficially appears to be a Swift brand 4.5-14x44 variable zoom telescopic rifle sight, Model 687M, of early 21st century manufacture. SCP-465 has a 1" (25.4mm) tube diameter and can accept scope rings to mount on virtually any light hunting, target or varminting rifle of intermediate caliber.

When fired at paper targets, SCP-465 performs adequately as a rifle scope and exhibits no unusual properties. However, when fired at a living target two effects are immediately apparent:

  • The target is instantly struck at point of aim by the bullet from the rifle, regardless of range, atmospheric conditions, loading considerations or even if the SCP-465 was zeroed correctly.
  • The shooter loses an eye.

Tests with tracer ammunition show that the moment the bullet exits the muzzle it appears in two places at the same time: in the muzzle blast and about 10cm in front of the target. Tests involving placing a live rat in front of a chronograph and measuring the bullet as it exited the rat confirm that the speed of the bullet is consistent with muzzle velocity of the round fired, regardless of range to target. Terminal ballistics of the bullet are completely mundane for ammunition of that type.

High speed footage of D-Class personnel firing a CZ-527 in .223 cal at rats at 800m show that on recoil SCP-465 "leaps backwards" elongating until it touches the eye sighting through it. After that SCP-465 returns to its original length and the gouged eye is nowhere to be found. Blood is present on SCP-465, but no vitreous humor or other eye tissue is present.

Putting transparent barriers between the shooter and SCP-465 or increasing eye relief does not protect the shooter's eye. When firing a SCP-465 equipped M14 (loaded with a single bullet) while wearing a face shield a different D-Class subject lost her eye without any attendant damage to the face shield. In that case, blood was still observed on SCP-465.

The effect is seen with all kinds of mundane vertebrates as targets. Tests with mollusks and insects are pending. The effect is not seen when targeting plants.

SCP-465 comes complete in box with screw on sunshade.

SCP-465 was purchased by Agent ███ █████████ at a 2009 gun show in ████████████, Michigan, USA.

Experimental log 465

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