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Item #: SCP-466

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-466 should be kept under constant observation to avoid any lower level agents mistaking it for an actual water cooler, SCP-466 can otherwise be kept out in the open as long as observation is maintained by an individual not under its delusion.

Description: SCP-466 appears to be a regular water cooler, it stands at 5' and has two nozzles which appear to be for hot and cold water. SCP-466 was discovered in ███████, 4/5/1994, on the █7th floor of the ██████ █████ building. Reports of strange substances being dispenced were recieved. All personnel on the █7th floor who had knowledge of the cooler were terminated to avoid spread of its ability.

19/6/1994: Tests began to undertake on the cooler. 5 D-rank agents all used the cooler after information of its effects. Only substance dispenced was water. Tests were temporarily put on hiatus. Deemed inactive and transferred to a hallway.

5/7/1994: During a lunch break, Agent-█████ reported a stream of brown-ish liquid dispensing out of the cooler. Upon invesigation, only the Agent could re-produce this effect. Agent was taken in for questioning.

7/7/1994: Dr. ███████ Found Agent-███ and D-███ coversing and lauging with the cooler, both appeared to be talking to each other and the cooler, with cups of green and yellow liquids in each repective cup. Both were questionned and terminated.

8/7/1994: More agents discovered around the cooler with strange liquids and were all enjoying each other's company. Upon investigation, the cooler seemed to attract the attention of certain agents, who began to believe the cooler was sentient, and would begin to treat it as a close friend. An agent under the dellusion was sent to the cooler without information of its ability and obtained a sample of diluted potassium cyanide.

Agents came to the conclusion that the cooler could telepathically converse with unsuspecting individuals, and plant false information in their brain, making it seem that the cooler was in fact another person. The cooler would then "offer them a drink", which has been reported to be one of the following:

Diluted pottasium cyanide
Fecal matter

There has been no duplicate reports, each individual recieves a different liquid.

Addendum: Due to some of the dispensed liquids, the cooler could potentially be dangerous, but no reports of death due to ingestion of a substance dispenced. Research into the affect of dispenced substances on the individual recieving it are undergoing testing.

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