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Object held in place by SCP-143 stand during testing, backlit with high-intensity NaI lighting to reveal unusual structure

Item #: SCP-468

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-468 available for testing, currently three (3), should be placed in open boxes filled with sand (pre-refined by SCP-468) to a depth of at least the radius of the sphere. These sets require no special containment other than to prevent misuse by unauthorized personnel. During testing, spheres should be handled only using tools, stands, and bowls constructed of SCP-143. In special situations, spheres may be handled manually by the front faces of undamaged, living human hands, preferably of Class-D personnel. Personnel who are to handle SCP-468 manually should first be given a psychological evaluation (see Addendum 468-a). All spheres not slated for testing are currently being used in place of the core of a nuclear reactor in ██████, █████ to divert nuclear fuel to the Foundation.

Description: SCP-468 is a set of 186 (formerly 187, see Addendum 468-b) black spheres of unknown composition, varying between 9.8 and 42.0 cm in diameter. Objects were recovered during an archaeological expedition in ████, Greece (see Document 468-0). The circumstances surrounding their discovery indicate that they were manufactured, though no known process exists to do so. They weigh about as much as their volume in pine wood, and loosely refract some light.

These spheres appear to have the ability to pass through solid matter, up to a "core" 6 cm in diameter in the center of each sphere (regardless of size). A sphere partially embedded in matter will not move in a direction not on the axis on which it was inserted, without significant force. When an embedded sphere is removed from a material, all matter it had penetrated is reduced to fine dust and/or gas. All bonds in this dust are shown to have been separated at the molecular level. Any liquid matter in contact with an SCP-468 sphere is rapidly accelerated outward as a gas, with no temperature change in the sphere.

Analysis of the surfaces of SCP-468 spheres shows that they are composed of an uncountable number of spokes radiating from the core of each sphere, each spoke equal in width to 1 neutron. This surface is capable of penetrating all matter except for SCP-143, most impenetrable SCPs, and the front surface of the human hand. The latter appears to be caused by the layout of a human hand's ridges. It is unknown whether this property was an object of SCP-468's creation, or [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 468-a:
After several incidents involving SCP-468 spheres falling through the hands of Class-D personnel, it was determined that intense depression or thoughts of suicide induce a slight, involuntary relaxation in the surface of the human hand, allowing SCP-468 to pass through. All personnel who would handle SCP-468 manually should be given psychological screening to ensure against the presence of such thoughts.

Addendum 468-b:
Tests show that SCP-468 spheres are destructible via pressure or high-velocity impacts (using SCP-143). When fractured, SCP-468 appears to immediately dissociate into hydrogen gas.

Document 468-0: Audio log by archaeologist ███████ █████████ and assistant on discovery of SCP-468

<Begin Tape>

Archaeologist: We appear to have entered another storage cavern present under the ruins at the site. The bottom is covered with… sand? And, strangely round objects?

Assistant: Feels like they're made of glass, to me. Seems pretty light.

(Noises. Assistant seems to be tossing an SCP-468 sphere between hands.)

Archaeologist: I'm not sure how sand would be present in such a landlocked area, and… ████, put that thing down!

Assistant: It's fine, it's not like they'll break. Think fast!

(A bursting noise, then screaming. Investigation shows that ███████ failed to catch the SCP-468 sphere thrown by ████. The sphere embedded itself in his forehead, causing the liquid present within his blood and skull to expand violently, fragmenting and disconnecting his head above the jawline.)

<Tape ends>

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