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Item #: SCP-471

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-471 should at all times remain in a cool, air conditioned environment. Teams are NOT required to wear any form of protective clothing when entering the chamber. In case of blackout or power failure, an observation team must be dispatched to SCP-471 cell. Should the temperature go above 10 degrees Celsius it is vital that no person is present inside the room. Should any measuring apparatus detect a temperature rise over 10 degrees Celsius a siren will go off, and the room will seal shut until the temperature is within normal range.

Description: SCP-471 was discovered somewhere in northern Sweden in 1993 by a group of divers. It resembles an oversized snowflake made of diamond and seems to possess telepathic powers. For short periods of time three questions can be asked, and scientists have determined that two of the times a lie is told and one of the times it will answer truthfully to any question within the limits of what the human mind can comprehend. After answering the questions SCP-471 will go into a comatose state ranging between 8 months and 4 years. SCP-471 is not hostile unless temperatures rise above 10 degrees Celsius. Should temperatures rise, an odorless, invisible gas will begin to spray from microscopic pores on its surface. This gas has destructive effects against every known organic cell and will disintegrate any living thing within 10 meters in a matter of 2 - 4 seconds, regardless of size or protection. How it reaches inside protection suits made of non-organic material is unknown. The gas continues to spray until the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius again.

Addendum: SCP-471 is NOT hostile and has not injured nor killed anyone as long as temperature is within its acceptable range. The timespan to ask the questions is two hours before it returns to its comatose state, hence only people with special clearance and training may enter the cell while telepathic activities are measured. One wrong thought, such as "What should I have for dinner?" could result in the truthful answer, wasting the opportunity. SCP-471 never tells the same lie twice, so it's impossible to determine whether a lie is told nor in which order the lies or truth will be told.

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